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Portfolio Roadmap: Die Zukunft der Open Telekom Cloud auf einen Blick

Die Open Telekom Cloud entwickelt sich kontinuierlich weiter: Mit der Portfolio Roadmap sehen Sie auf einen Blick, welche neuen Services und Erweiterungen bestehender Dienste in den nächsten Monaten und langfristig zu erwarten sind. 
Bei Fragen bzgl. der Roadmap sprechen Sie uns an.

Die Planungen unterliegen aufgrund von dynamischen Entwicklungen des Marktumfelds Änderungen.
Zuletzt geändert: 15.09.2023

Product Category / ProductQ3 2023Q4 2023Q1 2024Mid TermLong Term


  • IPv6 support
  • BMS based on V7 CPU as host for confidential containers and other use cases
  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS for BMS based on V7 CPU
  • Memory optimized ECS flavor for RDS:MSSQL
  • ECS - Nvidia A100 Flavor
  • ECS - Nvidia A40 Flavor
  • ECS - Nvidia A40 Flavor
  • Small ECS g6 flavor
  • SLES 15SP5
  • openSUSE Leap 15.5
  • IPv6 support
  • Function as a Service V1


  • CCE - 1.27
  • CCE Turbo - GA


  • Higher Spec for Ultra-High IO
  • GP SSD Flavor - Disk Type
  • Basic SSD – Disk Type
  • Disk Type Change
  • Object Lock
  • OBS to support CES
  • Requester pays bucket
  • CTS 2.0
  • SFS 3.0 Encryption support
  • SFS 3.0 – Successor of SFS capacity oriented
  • Root Squash
  • New Flavor for HPC
  • NewCross Region Replication - GA
  • Retain Backups when storage disconnect 
  • Cross-Region SDRS
  • SDRS in EU-NL


  • Proxy feature in MySQL 
  • RDS New Flavor 
  • MySQL 2017 new images 
  • Minor Version PostgreSQL & MySQL
  • MS SQL 2022
  • Support MySQL to GaussDB(for MySQL)
  • Support PostgreSQL to GaussDB
  • Support Microsoft SQL Server to GaussDB
  • New Version 4.4
  • Support Backup Encryption 
  • NewDistributed Database Middelware
  • Support PostgreSQL in DDM
  • NewGaussDB (for MySQL) new flavor
  • NewGaussDB (for Influx)
  • NewGaussDB Cassandra
  • NewData Admin Service 

Big Data & AI

  • NewDataArts Studio
  • Support of DLI connectivity
  • ModelArts New Version
  • New version 
  • New Version 3.2.0 LTS 
  • OpenSearch version 2
  • Minor Version Upgrade 
  • Supports Spark v. 3.1  
  • NewOptical Character Recognition


  • IPv6 support
  • Support Sign & Verify with RSA
  • NewNew Service – Database Security Service
  • NewNew Service – Host Security Service
  • NewNew Service – Cloud Firewall


  • IPv6 support
  • NATGW XS Flavor
  • NewContent Delivery Network
SFS 3.0 Encryption supportEncryption support for SFS 3.0.SFS 3.0 – Successor of SFS capacity orientedSFS 3.0 is a new file-system service that is particular useful for larger file-sizes and does not require min. allocations. New Version 4.4With the introduction of DDS 4.4 Version following partial features from MongoDB 4.4 will be compatible.Memory optimized ECS flavor for RDS:MSSQLMemory optimized ECS flavor with up to 8vCPU in order to allow cost optimized RDS:MSSQL databasesFunction as a Service V1Function based computing in order to allow Function based software development and DevOps organisations to improve time to market of new features and save costs in release management and preparation of development and test environments.Cloud Service Engine as EBCloud Service Engine (CSE) provides service registry, service governance, and configuration and management.IPv6 supportIPv6 support for: Elastic Load BalancerSupport MySQL to GaussDB(for MySQL)With this feature you may be able to migrate in DRS from MySQL into GaussDB(for MySQL).Extreme SSD - Disk TypeExtreme SSD Disk is a new disk type coming with 128.000 IOPS and a throughput of 1 Gbit/sCCE 1.25Cloud Container Engine with K8S 1.25Enterprise VPNA new  improved VPN Service:
- More Stability

- New Features
GaussDB (for MySQL) new flavorNew flavor is 2CPUs with 4GB RAMOptical Character RecognitionOptical Character Recognition (OCR) allows you to detect and recognize printed characters in images and convert the characters into editable text in JSON format.ModelArts New VersionNew features in ExeML, Data Management, Model Management, AI engine Mindspore 1.5 will be available.CCE 1.25Cloud Container Engine with K8S 1.25Minor Version Upgrade Support Sign & Verify with RSA• Support of the use case „sign & verify“ with the Key Management Service (KMS) with the Key Algorithm RSAIPv6 supportIPv6 support for: Virtual Privat CloudApplication Performance ManagementApplication Performance Management (APM) as a new service monitors and manages the performance of cloud applications in real time. APM provides performance analysis of distributed applications, helping O&M personnel quickly locate and resolve faults and performance bottlenecks.IPv6 supportIPv6 support for: Auto ScalingRedis 6.0Distributed Cache Service (DCS) is an online, distributed, in-memory cache service. It is reliable, scalable, usable out of the box, and easy to manage. DCS makes it easy to deploy, operate, and scale in-memory data caches in the cloud. A new version of Redis 6.0 will be available in Distributed Cache Service.Distributed Database Middleware as EBDistributed Database Middleware (DDM) eliminates the capacity and performance bottlenecks that affects traditional growing databases and instead addresses distributed scaling issues to handle highly concurrent access to massive volumes of data.New version Please visit the release notes for a detailed information.DNSSECDNSSEC is a Security Extension for the DNS Service to authenticate answers to domain queriesDataArts StudioDataArts Studio simplify big data operations and build intelligent knowledge libraries. It is a one-stop data lake operations platform that manages data design, development, integration, quality, and assets.Proxy feature in MySQL Proxy load balancing balances requests among multiple read replicas using a load-based scheduling policy.Content Delivery NetworkA new Content Delivery Network:

• easier distribution of large File Sizes
• Lower Latency for Content

API Gateway New ServiceAPI Gateway is a fully managed service that enables developers and partners to securely build, manage, and deploy APIs at any scale with high performance and availability. NATGW XS FlavorA smaller and cheaper Flavor for NATGWIPv6 supportIPv6 support for: Anti-DDosSSupport PostgreSQL to GaussDBWith this functionality PostgreSQL will be also supported to be synchronized into GaussDB(for MySQL) Primary/Standby.Support Microsoft SQL Server to GaussDBWith this functionality Microsoft SQL Server will be also supported to be synchronized into GaussDB(for MySQL) Primary/Standby.Distributed Database MiddelwareDDM uses a storage-compute decoupled architecture that makes it easy to scale out compute and storage resources to handle a huge number of concurrent requests. It splits read and write requests with no need to modify service code.GaussDB CassandraGaussDB(for Cassandra) provides excellent read and write performance, flexibility, and fault tolerance, making it the best choice for high-concurrency scenarios and websites that provide product catalogs, recommendations, personalization engines, and transaction records. It is fully compatible with Cassandra 3.11.Dedicated WAF (GA)General Availability of Dedicated WAF (DWAF)
DWAF allows customers to use dedicated 
resources for WAF instances booking.
flavours according to customer 
requirements are available.
Dedicated WAF offers new features 
geoblocking and integrates with 
Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) to protect resources.
Higher Spec for Ultra-High IOUltra-High IO will receive 50.000 IOPS as well as 350 Mbit/s throughput. Please be aware that you might need to plan a migration to GP SSD flavor as pricing will be increased for this higher IOPS disk typeData Admin Service DAS provides you with database development, O&M, and intelligent diagnosis to make it easy to use and maintain cloud databases.ECS - Nvidia A100 FlavorGPU accelerated flavor designed for specific workloads such as: AI-based deep learning, scientific computing, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), computing finance, seismic analysis, molecular modeling, and genomics will be provided in region NL Cross-Region SDRSAllows SDRS service to replicate EVS volumes to a different region for disaster recovery purpose.Support Backup Encryption With any type of manual or automatic backup, an encrypted backup is created in Document Database Service.GaussDB (for Influx)GaussDB(for Influx) is a cloud-native NoSQL time-series database full compatible with InfluxDB.Support for Extreme IO disk with 128k IOPSCloud Container Engine with K8S 1.25ECS - Nvidia A40 FlavorGPU accelerated flavor designed for specific workloads such as: AI-based deep learning, scientific computing, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), computing finance, seismic analysis, molecular modeling, and genomics will be provided in region DE Support for Extreme IO disk with 128k IOPSCloud Container Engine with K8S 1.25BMS based on V7 CPU as host for confidential containers and other use casesBMS flavor with INTEL SGX enabled allowing confidential computing as part of a confidential CCE container in EU-DEGP SSD Flavor - Disk TypeGP SSD will be the replacement of Ultra-High IO. It will come across with 20.000 IOPS and a throughput of 250 MBit/sECS - Nvidia A40 FlavorGPU accelerated flavor designed for specific workloads such as: AI-based deep learning, scientific computing, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), computing finance, seismic analysis, molecular modeling, and genomics will be provided in region NL Small ECS g6 flavorSmall GPU based ECS flavor for use cases with lower performance requirements but workloads still requiring GPU power.Ubuntu 22.04 LTS for BMS based on V7 CPUUbuntu 22.04 LTS image for BMS flavor with INTEL SGX in EU-DEIPv6 supportIPv6 support for:
Direct Connect
CCE Turbo as BETA(Beta) A new generation of CCESupport of DLI connectivityData Lake Insight connectivity will be available in DataArts Factory.IPv6 supportIPv6 support for: Platform WAFCCE Turbo as BETA(Beta) A new generation of CCERDS New Flavor New flavor is 8CPUs with 128GB RAM.New Service – Database Security ServiceImplementation of the new Service „Database Security Service“ (DBSS).
DBSS protects your cloud databases and 
 the following features:
User Behavior Detection and Audit
Multi-dimensional Lead Analysis 
Real-time Alarms for Risky Operations and SQL Injection  
Fine-grained Reports for Various Abnormal Behaviors
System Disc Encryption in EU-NLEVS system disk encryption will be possible in EU-NL region - already available.Supports Spark v. 3.1  Supports Spark v. 3.1 but needs to be requested by customer. New Service – Host Security ServiceImplementation of the new Service „Host Security Service“ (HSS).
HSS as agent-based service 
protects your cloud servers 
offers the following features:
Intrustion Detection
Vulnerability Management
Baseline Inspection
Asset Management
New Service – Cloud FirewallImplementation of the new Service „Cloud Firewall“ (CFW).
CFW as next-generation cloud-native firewall protects internet and 
borders on the cloud and offers 
the following features:
Real-time intrustion 
detection and prevention (IDPS)
Unified access control
Full traffic analysis
Log audit and tracing
Support PostgreSQL in DDMWith this functionality PostgreSQL will be also supported for synchronizations jobs from existing PostgreSQL into Distributed Database Middelware for PostgreSQL.SLES 15SP5SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP5Support of CTS in EU-NLAs CTS service will be deployed to NL region. EVS will support CTS in EU-NLCCE - 1.27Based on Kubernetes, the Cloud Container Engine (CCE) enables the configuration of containers via virtual machines (ECS).SDRS in EU-NLSDRS service to be made available in EU-NL regionopenSUSE Leap 15.5openSuse Leap 15.5 is based on SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP5ECS - m7, s7, and c7ECS Flavors m7, s7, and c7 based on latest INTEL CPU to fullfil highest performance requirements and provide support with latest technologiesIPv6 supportIPv6 support for: Auto ScalingBasic SSD – Disk TypeBasic SSD disk type is planned to replace the Common & High IO disk types. It is planned to have 7.500 IOPS and a throughput of 100 Mbit/sMySQL 2017 new images As part of continuous Lifecycle these new images (Standard and Enterprise Edition) containing fixes for known bugs and CVE. Please upgrade your existing instances.OpenSearch version 2OpenSearch version 2CCE Turbo - GAPaired with the Cloud Native Network 2.0 model, 
CCE Turbo clusters run on a cloud native infrastructure that features software-hardware 
synergy to support passthrough networking, high security and reliability, and intelligent scheduling.
CCI as BETACloud Container Instance (CCI) is a serverless container engine compatible with native Kubernetes and Docker APIs.New Version 3.2.0 LTS The new version in both regions contains new features like FlinkServer and HetuEngine support. CTS Support in EU-NLAs CTS service will be deployed to NL region. SFS will support CTS in EU-NLDisk Type ChangeDisk type change allows to change the type of a disk and therefore scale performance-wise.Cross Region Replication - GACross-Region Replication enables replication of backup data stored in OBS from DE to NL region or vice versa. This functionality is especially useful to achieve BSI compliance regarding Geo-Redundancy as well as KRITIS.Root SquashRoot Squash functionality will allow you to prevent superuser access rights to be granted to user accessing the filesystem from remote.Cross-Region Replication EU-NL - EU-DE – Early BirdCross-Region Replication enables replication of OBS data from DE to NL region or vice versa. This functionality is especially useful to achieve BSI compliance regarding Geo-Redundancy as well as KRITIS. Fine-grained IAM permission PoliciesIAM upgrade to support fine-grained policies on action level for IAM, like create usercreate group, etc.Retain Backups when storage disconnect Disconnecting storage or server from a Vault will automatically delete existing backups. With this functionality it is possible to remove a server from a vault without backups being deleted. Minor Version PostgreSQL & MySQLAs a standard Lifecycle procedure we would like to deliver once per quartal new minor versions only in PostgreSQL and MySQL.IAM 2.6IAM upgrade to version 2.6, including multiple bug fixes and completly new features, such as
 • MFA for critical operations
 • Enhanced user permission overview
New Flavor for HPCWe will provide a new SFS Turbo flavor for High Performance Computing applications.MS SQL 2022This delivery includes MSSQL 2022 Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition.Object LockObject Lock will allow to lock an object in OBS and prevent this from being deleted until a specified period of time.OBS to support CESOBS will receive a deeper integration into the Cloud Eye Service to support advanced monitoring as well as notification functionality.Requester pays bucketRequester pays bucket allows that a the accessor of a bucket is charged for the access costs. This includes outbound traffic as well as requests or e.g. the warm restore costs.CTS 2.0OBS will receive a more advanced logging

Unsere Core-Services: Alle Cloud-Funktionen, die Sie brauchen

Die Open Telekom Cloud hält eine Fülle von Cloud-Funktionen bereit wie zum Beispiel Virtual Machines, Data Storage, objektorientierte und relationale Datenbanken oder eine Virtual Private Cloud. Das alles stellen wir DSGVO-konform und auf Enterprise-Niveau zur Verfügung – und zu 100 Prozent europäisch. Denn die Open Telekom Cloud wird ausschließlich in Rechenzentren in Deutschland und in den Niederlanden gehostet.

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