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Resource Template Service/HEAT (RTS)

Cloud resources are made available using a console or automatically via an API, but their use is generally a task reserved for IT experts. This is where a Heat orchestration service like the Resource Template Service (RTS) comes in – it simplifies the provision of cloud resources as well as the design and roll out of cloud landscapes. The main goal is to avoid repetitive configuration steps from scratch for identical deployments like test, production or development, and to have the advantage of having one centralized place to make changes/modifications. For example, RTS templates can be checked in a version control tool of your choice when changes happen.

Heat is the main project in the OpenStack orchestration program. It implements an orchestration engine to launch multiple composite cloud applications/infrastructure resources based on templates in the JSON or YAML format that can be treated like code. You can compile a template file and define a collection of cloud computing resources, dependencies between resources, and resource configurations based on RTS template specifications. The Resource Template Service is free to use, but the used resources may generate costs.

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Reasons for RTS in the Open Telekom Cloud

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Flexibly combine cloud services

RTS supports many core cloud services, such as ECS, EVS, VPC, ELB, SFS, RDS, AS, and Cloud Eye. You can flexibly combine cloud services using templates to meet automatic O&M requirements in different O&M scenarios.

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Easy auditability

Cloud Trace Service (CTS) can be used to support RTS auditing. It allows you to collect, store, and query cloud resource operation records and use these records for security analysis, compliance auditing, resource tracking, and fault locating.

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Simplify resource management

You can deploy all services in a template in batches, which simplifies deployment and saves you time. You can also dynamically adjust the stack template based on service requirements. If you do not need a group of resources, you can delete them with one click.

Key Features of RTS

Transparent representation of a cloud

Provision of template examples

The Resource Template Service provides common, ready-to-use template examples for you to use. You only need to set values of parameters such as region or stack name.

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Stack management

A stack is a cloud application based on a template. Stack management allows you to create, update, and delete stacks and manage resources, events, and templates in the stack.

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Resource orchestration

Resource configuration templates only need to be created in the JSON or YAML format. RTS analyzes resource dependencies based on your template and orchestrates resources on clouds in sequence.

Using RTS in the Open Telekom Cloud

Three methods for using RTS

Supported resources in RTS


Structure and Function

Representation of the RTS structure in three areas Template, RTS, Stack

Use Cases

Creating an ECS and binding an EIP to the ECS

Creating a load balancer

Creating network resources


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