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Use Cases for our solutions

Learn the possible applications of our solutions through practical examples.

Our solution portfolio consists of these four main areas.

We offer bundled complete solutions for individual use cases as a Managed Service model, where we take care of everything - from setup to operation. That way you can fully concentrate on your business. These are marked "Managed Service" below.

Connectivity & Collaboration


Urban Data Platform as a Service

Enables insights into urban data of a smart city infrastructure – collaboratively across city boundaries.

Digital Workplace from the Cloud

Digital Workplace from the Cloud

Managed Nextcloud is making the digital workplace a reality – The solution for simple cooperation on documents and files.

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Workplaces hosted in the cloud

Work when and where you want – with the Open Telekom Cloud, your workplace is always available, wherever you are.

Collaboration in the cloud

Collaboration in the cloud

A powerful and easily available solution for using cutting-edge functions for collaboration and communication.

Digital Transformation

e-bot7 – Conversational AI Platform

e-bot7 – Conversational AI Platform

We support companies to efficiently manage their digital customer communication experience.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Your one-stop shop for AI: 1,500 experts and scalable, data protection-compliant computing capacity from the Open Telekom Cloud.

High Performance Computing

High-performance computing

Master complex or large workloads that take your existing computing resources to their limits.

Big Data & Analytics

Big data and analytics

Connecting various data sources reveals new insights and helps companies gain a competitive edge.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Multiple interconnected end devices leading to an array of new business models are best managed in the cloud.

EPS - Introduction

Protect your business from closure due to Covid 19 infections.

A Corona infection in your business can quickly lead to a temporary lockdown. The Enterprise Protection System (EPS) protects your employees and safeguards your production by ensuring safety distances are maintained through intelligent tags and making infection chains transparently traceable.

Modernization of IT infrastructure

Managed Application Retirement Services

Managed Application Retirement Services

End-to-end service to archive all data from post-productive system landscapes (SAP and non-SAP).

IT Security

Mailing Services

Secure mailing solutions for an efficient customer approach

Our mailing solutions guarantee secure delivery of your emails to customers and prevent you from being put on the list of unwanted senders by anti-spam databases.

Data storage

Data storage

Send all your data and backups to the cloud – the storage that grows as you need it.

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