Open Telekom Cloud for Business Customers


The Open Telekom Cloud offers a myriad of possible applications for every industry

With its comprehensive range of services, the Open Telekom Cloud offers a myriad of applications for every industry. Whether you wish to host websites or run business applications, archive data affordably long term or quickly need test, development or simulation resources, Open Telekom Cloud is the right choice for you.

Complete solutions for companies

Managed Application Retirement Services (M.A.R.S.)

Managed Application
Retirement Services

End-to-end service to archive all data from post-productive system landscapes (SAP and non-SAP).

Open Telekom Cloud for SAP

Open Telekom Cloud for SAP

Host your SAP systems with the European SAP hyperscaler – the optimum solution for temporary use cases such as training sessions and exploration.

Virtual desktops hosted on the Open Telekom Cloud

Workplaces hosted in the cloud

Work when and where you want – with the Open Telekom Cloud, your workplace is always available, wherever you are.

Available end devices

Collaboration in the cloud

A powerful and easily available solution for using cutting-edge functions for collaboration and communication.

Application scenarios for industry 



State-of-the-art development processes, smart factories, connected cars and new business models, all create added value from the cloud.

Media and broadcasting

Media and broadcasting

Access new target groups through production, post-production, content distribution, archiving, and analysis from the cloud.



Consumer-oriented communication, omnichannel approaches, more efficient processes and transparency are all possible thanks to the cloud.

Science and research

Science and research

Clouds turn data into knowledge: as a data storage medium and for processing. They help business models get off to a flying start on the market.

Application scenarios for apps

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence

Your one-stop shop for AI: 1,500 experts and scalable, data protection-compliant computing capacity from the Open Telekom Cloud.

High-performance computing

High-performance computing

Master complex or large workloads that take your existing computing resources to their limits.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Multiple interconnected end devices leading to an array of new business models are best managed in the cloud.

Big data and analytics

Big data and analytics

Connecting various data sources reveals new insights and helps companies gain a competitive edge.

Data storage

Data storage

Send all your data and backups to the cloud – the storage that grows as you need it.

Innovative solutions to enter the „New Normal“

Digital collaboration and the way into the „New Normal“ are the challenges of the moment. So let’s focus on some new faces: Our specially selected TechBoost partners provide your company with future-oriented, efficient and secure solutions based on the Open Telekom Cloud.

Solutions from our TechBoost partners: Flip


Flip is a platform that enables internal communication and connects all employees from the office to production in a mobile and smart manner.

Solutions from our TechBoost partners: Loxonet


As a Social Intranet Loxonet brings employees and members together to foster communication, share knowledge and automate administrative processes.

Solutions from our TechBoost partners: neXboard


Sketch your ideas – digitally, collaboratively and in real time: neXboard offers a digital, cloud-based whiteboard to boost your agility, creativity and flexibility.

Solutions from our TechBoost partners: NUIA Productivity+

NUIA Productivity+

NUIA Productivity+ is serving the future of computer workstations thanks to gaze control and AI. Expect increased efficiency, improved ergonomics and simply more fun at work.

Solutions from our TechBoost partners: olmogo S3

olmogo S3

olmogo provides a simple, intuitive and highly secure solution for data management. This is a must for all professions in which confidentiality is a priority.

Solutions from our TechBoost partners: P3L Smart Learning World

P3L Smart Learning World

Digital learning paired with fun: The P3L Smart Learning World is the perfect tool for schools and teachers to support their lessons with gamification.

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