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ISG study 2020

The Information Services Group has reaffirmed: The Open Telekom Cloud is one of the most attractive cloud offerings.


IDC study IDC study 2020

In the current IDC study, you can find out how to manage hybrid cloud environments properly in order to really reap the benefits of the cloud.


data Mercato study 2020

In the 2020 price/performance benchmark by Cloud Mercato, the Open Telekom Cloud outperforms US hyperscalers such as AWS and Microsoft Azure.



Cloud Computing - IT perspective for research and education White Paper Research and Education

Digital learning platforms, complex data analyses: The demands on IT in both education and research and development are constantly growing. Today, highly available IT resources are decisive for the success of teaching and science. Read the whitepaper to find out how cloud services shorten the "time to research" and create advantages in international competition.


Open Telekom Cloud Whitepaper AI White Paper Artificial Intelligence 2020/03

Given the diversity of solutions and the hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), companies need guidance and support in their decision-making. This white paper provides direction.


Hybrid Cloud Whitepaper Hybrid Cloud Whitepaper 2019/10

A guide to the hybrid cloud: The new white paper reveals what companies should be aware of when building and operating hybrid cloud infrastructures.


Open Telekom Cloud - Alluxio white paper Alluxio white paper 2018/10

Virtualize any file or object store in a cloud or hybrid environment, connecting applications to heterogeneous storage with a standard interface. Access data with local performance, regardless of location or format. transform, load).


Whitepaper Open Telekom Cloud White paper „Cloud in Movie Production‟ 2018/10

Companies like Netflix have changed the market. Cloud computing is in the process of revolutionizing the entire industry. Read about the chances that cloud computing offers the film industry – many of them today already, some in the near future.


Services and flyers of the Open Telekom Cloud

Screenshot of the Open Telekom Cloud service description Open Telekom Cloud service description

Here you can find all our services with their prices.                           


open-telekom-cloud-flyer (1) Open Telekom Cloud Flyer

The Open Telekom Cloud is a European public cloud with integrated data protection. It forms the perfect starting point for any digitalization project.


Open Telekom Cloud: A glance at Technology Technology Flyer

In addition to the basic IaaS functions such as network, computing, storage, security and management services, the Open Telekom Cloud also offers additional services such as the Cloud Container Engine (CCE), relational databases and the AI service ModelArts.


Benchmark Cloud Mercato Performance evolution virtual machines 2021/02

Continuous development: The new Open Telekom Cloud CPU generations offer a better price-performance ratio than their predecessors.


Welcome@Open Telekom Cloud

The decisive information on the first steps in the world of Open Telekom Cloud and how to quickly launch your projects is available here.


Enterprise Agreement Flyer Enterprise Agreement Flyer

We offer extended support on demand. Here you benefit, for example, from faster response times, improved resource tracking and dedicated service and delivery management.


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