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Whitepaper: The public cloud for the public sector

Public cloud solutions can be a useful addition to the IT infrastructure of the public administration. In this way, they drive the digitalization of the federal, state, and municipal administrations – if they meet the requirements.

Sovereign and secure with a European cloud

Many companies still have reservations about the public cloud. Especially with regard to data protection and security. Sven Kullmann, Head of Sales at the Open Telekom Cloud, explains why European offerings are the solution here.

Cloud benchmark 2021: Price/performance comparison of hyperscalers

The benchmark’s results highlight the performance and price/performance of the leading cloud providers. In this year the benchmark additionally provides new insights into OpenSSL speed, performance of Relational Database Services. Similar offerings from AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and the Open Telekom Cloud are compared.

How the cloud of tomorrow will manage itself

Serve new IT environment requirements quickly and flexibly: Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Kubernetes, Terraform, and CI/CD pipelines provide the right tools and methods to roll out infrastructure in an automated and standardized way and to manage it easily.

Secure cloud for social service providers

Social service providers can now also host data covered by the social service data secrecy in the Open Telekom Cloud as standard. To this end, Deutsche Telekom has made a company-wide commitment to maintain the social service data secrecy in accordance with Section 35 of the German Social Code I (§ 35 SGB I).

Self check: Ready for the hybrid cloud?

Migration to the hybrid cloud: What is the starting position in your company? Do you employ the right experts or does your company lack the necessary know-how? Take the check.

After Schrems II: Play it safe with a European cloud

After the failure of the Privacy Shield, for a long time it was unclear to companies and the public sector how data exchange with countries outside the EU could take place in a legally secure manner. Now the EU has presented new contractual clauses that offer guidance. What is important now and how EU clouds can help.

Trustworthy chatbots for customer dialog

Secure and compliant: Telekom develops chat and voicebots based on the technology of its partner Cognigy. And operates them securely in the C5-approved Open Telekom Cloud. Now the solution has become one of the first to pass the BSI test for trustworthy AI.

Physical IT security: Onion approach for the data center

Security fences with anti-climbing protection, drone detection, and a quarantine station for hardware: Johannes Krafczyk, Datacenter Innovation Specialist at T-Systems, provides insights into the physical IT security at T-Systems' high-performance data center in Biere near Magdeburg.

GAIA-X: Strengthening Europe's digital sovereignty via the cloud

Fewer dependencies, more innovations: GAIA-X, the initiative for a European cloud, is taking shape. More than 300 companies are already committed to an independent, European data infrastructure.

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