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08.07.2020 by Editorial team

GAIA-X: Open Telekom Cloud sets standards with BSI C5

The EU is relying on OpenStack technology in the GAIA-X cloud project. And that is the same technology that Deutsche Telekom has long been offering its customers – with highly secure data centers in Germany, where companies and public authorities can reliably store and process data.

26.06.2020 by Editorial team

Open Telekom Cloud switches completely from Xen to KVM

The Open Telekom Cloud will in future rely exclusively on the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor. All disk- intensive and high-performance flavors based on Xen will be phased out by the end of August 2020. Why companies should switch to KVM flavors in good time.

02.03.2020 by Editorial team

KVM instead of Xen: future standard hypervisor in the Open Telekom Cloud

The Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor has established itself in the OpenSource community. The Open Telekom Cloud is therefore switching off all Xen-based flavors in the medium term and replacing them with KVM flavors. What companies that are currently still using Xen-based flavors need to consider when switching.

18.02.2020 by Editorial team

Medientage München: A big stage for the cloud

Digitalization is changing the media world: blockchain, artificial intelligence and virtual reality require scalable and economical IT infrastructures from the cloud. For the first time, the Open Telekom Cloud was a guest at MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN, Europe's largest media congress.

12.11.2019 by Nils Magnus

IT security: Public cloud versus on-premises

Some companies may feel that their IT resources are most secure in the supposedly best protected environment of their own company premises. However, they often can’t back that up with rational arguments. Nils Magnus explains why the public cloud can actually be the more secure alternative.

31.10.2019 by Editorial team

White paper: Hybrid cloud – Trends, tips and technologies for companies

A guide to the hybrid cloud: The new white paper reveals what companies should be aware of when building and operating hybrid cloud infrastructures, shows application examples and helps with the correct dimensioning of resources.

30.10.2019 by Editorial team

Telekom reaffirms OpenStack strategy for Open Telekom Cloud

Open interfaces, deployment methods, container solutions: Discussions about deployment scenarios and migration strategies dominated the Deutsche OpenStack Tage conference in Berlin. One of the key takeaways: Employees and reliability play an important role for the success of an OpenStack project.

02.10.2019 by Editorial team

KVM instead of Xen: Start of the first phase towards standardization of the hypervisor in the Open Telekom Cloud

The Open Telekom Cloud is starting the first phase towards standardization of the hypervisor. In future, we will rely on the Kernel-Based Virtual Machine Hypervisor (KVM). In this connection, in the first phase, the General Purpose Flavors based on the Xen Hypervisor will be discontinued on December 31, 2019.

17.09.2019 by Alfred Geiger

High-performance computing: A look under the hood

High-performance computing (HPC) solves complex problems in an extremely short time. Companies have the choice between several methods that have different advantages and disadvantages. HPC expert Alfred Geiger provides guidance and shows which technology is best suited for different needs.

02.09.2019 by Editorial team

The power of two hearts: HPC and supercomputing as required

Ain’t no mountain high enough – or: Hardly any workload large enough for Telekom's scalable computing resources. How does that work? By combining high-performance computing from the Open Telekom Cloud with supercomputing capacities from the High-Performance Computing Center in Stuttgart.

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