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Upcoming releases

The Open Telekom Cloud stands for innovative solutions and continuous progress. That's why we keep developing the portal non-stop for you - from the smallest bug fix to the comprehensive launch of new features. Below you will find all upcoming updates including a short description.


Elastic Volume Service

Q3-Q4/2022 - new disk types: Extreme IO, General Purpose SSD. Type Change Functionality.

Object Storage Service

Q2/2022 – Custom Domain Name & OBS as parallel File System supporting POSIX

Scalable File Service

Q2/2022 - Public Release - SFS Turbo Backup via CBR & IAM fine-grained Policies

Cloud Backup & Recovery

Q2/2022 - Public Release - Backup of SFS Turbo & IAM fine-grained Policies


Web Application Firewall

Q3/2022 - New WAF version including Geoblocking functionality


Distributed Cache Service

Q2/2022 New DCS versions 4.0 and 5.0 for Redis Cache Engine

Document Database Service

Q2/2022 New DDS version 4.0.3 compatible with MongoDB 4.0.3

Relational Database Service

Q3/2022 Active Directory support for MSSQL 2017 SE & EE

Q3/2022 Backup encryption will be available only for MySQL and PostgreSQL

Q3/2022 Support of Transparent Data Encryption(TDE) in MSSQL 2017 only for Enterprise Edition

Q3/2022 Start and Stop Database support for MySQL and PostgreSQL


Cloud Search Service

Q1/2022 – New Elasticsearch and Kibana version

MapReduce Service

Q1/2022 - New MRS version 3.0.3

Artificial Intelligence

Model Arts

Q2/2022 - General release of ModelArts (leave beta)


Identity and Access Management

Q3/2022 – Support of the authentication protocol OpenID Connect (OIDC)

Cloud Trace

Q2/2022 – Cloud Trace Service gets new architecture

Log Tank Service

Q2/2022 – Log Tank Service gets new architecture

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