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Public cloud makes secure PCR testing possible

With the cloud-based software platform from Bonn-based IT provider FORSIT, antigen or PCR tests can be processed almost entirely digitally. The resources for this come from the Open Telekom Cloud – GDPR-compliant, secure, and flexibly expandable.

Open Telekom Cloud on the curriculum

The Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences relies on a hybrid-cloud model for teaching and research and on Telekom's public cloud offering. The Open Telekom Cloud stands out due to data protection and IT security. The choice was also popular with the students, according to Professor Dr. Lo Iacono.

Cloud Storage: 3 practical use cases for companies

Companies are facing the challenge of storing and analysing large amounts of data. Capacity needs to grow tenfold in order to cope with future demand. Find out how cloud storage provides a flexible, cost-effective solution.

Smart beehive: Species protection with the cloud and IoT

If things are going badly for the bees, then that also harms humans and the environment. The startup BeeAndme uses IoT to monitor beehives and provide a safe home for bees.

Using cloud computing to fight corona

Germany’s Corona-Warn-App is the most used tracing app in the world. The technical infrastructure is provided from data centers in the middle of Germany. This was one of the basic requirements that the German government stipulated to the development partners SAP and Telekom.

Medientage München: A big stage for the cloud

Digitalization is changing the media world: blockchain, artificial intelligence and virtual reality require scalable and economical IT infrastructures from the cloud. For the first time, the Open Telekom Cloud was a guest at MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN, Europe's largest media congress.

Video transcoding from the German public cloud

Not all videos are the same: With Hiscale, companies will be able to transcode their film material into any target format using resources from the Open Telekom Cloud. That not only means maximum security. It also solves a problem that companies have with a particular US provider.

Video production with the Open Telekom Cloud

In the future, the film industry and IT systems will increasingly merge. For example, the new volumetric video studio in Babelsberg Media City produces around 1.6 terabytes of video per minute. Public cloud services such as the Open Telekom Cloud are available to process the data volumes.

"For the film industry the cloud will be a given"

Thanks to a new technology, viewers will consume moving images in a completely different way than they do today. It's made possible by innovative studio technology and computing power from the cloud. A conversation about the future of film with a film expert and a cloud expert.

Doctors in the cloud: Digitalization takes over medicine

Robots, AI or the Cloud: Digital tools are taking over medicine. How doctors and patients are benefiting from digitalization

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Public cloud makes secure PCR testing possible

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Open Telekom Cloud on the curriculum

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Cloud Storage: 3 practical use cases for companies

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