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02.03.2020 by Editorial team

KVM instead of Xen: future standard hypervisor in the Open Telekom Cloud

The Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor has established itself in the OpenSource community. The Open Telekom Cloud is therefore switching off all Xen-based flavors in the medium term and replacing them with KVM flavors. What companies that are currently still using Xen-based flavors need to consider when switching.

12.11.2019 by Nils Magnus

IT security: Public cloud versus on-premises

Some companies may feel that their IT resources are most secure in the supposedly best protected environment of their own company premises. However, they often can’t back that up with rational arguments. Nils Magnus explains why the public cloud can actually be the more secure alternative.

02.10.2019 by Editorial team

KVM instead of Xen: Start of the first phase towards standardization of the hypervisor in the Open Telekom Cloud

The Open Telekom Cloud is starting the first phase towards standardization of the hypervisor. In future, we will rely on the Kernel-Based Virtual Machine Hypervisor (KVM). In this connection, in the first phase, the General Purpose Flavors based on the Xen Hypervisor will be discontinued on December 31, 2019.

02.09.2019 by Editorial team

The power of two hearts: HPC and supercomputing as required

Ain’t no mountain high enough – or: Hardly any workload large enough for Telekom's scalable computing resources. How does that work? By combining high-performance computing from the Open Telekom Cloud with supercomputing capacities from the High-Performance Computing Center in Stuttgart.

30.08.2019 by Editorial team

Play It safe with HPC

The area of high-performance computing (HPC) also presents companies with new challenges related to IT security and data protection. In an interview, T-Systems experts Max Guhl and Alfred Geiger explain how companies can securely use HPC from the public cloud and what they should look out for.  

24.07.2019 by Editorial team

High-performance computing from the cloud: What companies should watch out for

High-performance computing (HPC) solves complex problems in an extremely short time. Companies have the choice between several methods that have different advantages and disadvantages. HPC expert Alfred Geiger provides guidance and shows which technology is best suited for different needs.

09.04.2019 by Editorial team

Comparing hybrid cloud architectures

The range of possible combinations seems endless, with each variant offering different advantages: How companies can find the best balance between performance, security, complexity, cost and latency when building a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

29.03.2019 by Editorial team

Update: Open Telekom Cloud with new features and enhanced functions

More options, flexibility and convenience: The Open Telekom Cloud is getting a new release. It includes an update for the OpenStack software architecture to the new version called Queens. And the extension of many existing functions and services. But that's not all.

18.03.2019 by Editorial team

Work more efficiently with a managed hybrid cloud

If you want to use hybrid cloud infrastructures, you need the appropriate expertise to set up and operate them – but not necessarily in-house. With the Open Telekom Cloud Hybrid Solution, Telekom offers a fully managed hybrid cloud solution that frees companies from cumbersome standard tasks.

11.03.2019 by Editorial team

Backup in the data center: The cloud as a lifeline

The cloud offers companies countless opportunities for cost-effective backup and disaster recovery concepts. But there are big differences: Not every cloud storage is equally suitable for every application purpose. Which storage is best suited to whom depends on the scenario.

26.02.2019 by Editorial team

Getting the dimensions right for the hybrid cloud: that's what counts

Different industries, goals and scenarios – every company has different requirements when it comes to a hybrid cloud. But whether it’s real-time computing, high availability scenarios or high performance computing, there’s a suitable configuration for every application.

05.02.2019 by Editorial team

In future, a monthly event: A new release of the Open Telekom Cloud

There will be something new in the Open Telekom Cloud every four weeks: From now on, there’ll be a monthly release with new features and functions. It starts with the February 2019 release, which includes the Cloud Search Service, the Cloud Server Backup Service and a new dedicated host flavor.

01.02.2019 by Editorial team

PLAS: Private connection to the Open Telekom Cloud

Now there are even more ways to get extremely secure access to the Open Telekom Cloud: Private Link Access Service (PLAS) provides users with two variants for a private connection. The result: greater security, higher bandwidths and lower latency.

12.12.2018 by Editorial team

"Multi-cloud will help containers achieve a breakthrough"

Containers simplify the development and operation of modern IT applications, especially in multi-cloud structures. Not all companies are using the technology yet. That will soon change, says cloud expert Nils Magnus.

07.12.2018 by Editorial team

Enterprise Dashboard: A better control of cloud costs

When it comes to money, control is everything: With the new Enterprise Dashboard, companies can automate their cloud spending, prevent unwanted cost explosions, work more efficiently and plan more accurately. An overview with a maximum of details as well as individualization is here to help.

06.12.2018 by Editorial team

SAP S/4HANA: Proof of concept with the Open Telekom Cloud

Whether greenfield or brownfield, migrating or re-implementing, many paths lead to Rome – or to SAP S/4HANA. What can help you make the right decision? A proof of concept (PoC) in the Open Telekom Cloud. SAP users get to know the advantages of the new suite and determine their own transformation path.

13.11.2018 by Editorial team

More security, new services, more control: What the Open Telekom Cloud’s November release has to offer

Encrypt databases and workspaces more easily and quickly, integrate search capabilities directly into cloud applications, and more easily mirror systems and data across multiple availability zones: What the November release of Open Telekom Cloud has to offer.

07.11.2018 by Redaktion

Full cost control: The new Financial Dashboard

You can only work cost-effectively if you know what you are paying: With the Financial Dashboard, users of the Open Telekom Cloud now have a tool for keeping an eye on their resources and costs on a daily basis. And that helps them improve their own performance.

09.07.2018 by Editorial team

Faster computing, faster (up)loading: July release of the Open Telekom Cloud

Significantly more speed without burdening the CPU. Transfer petabytes of data to the cloud in no time. And 90 further detail improvements for greater ease of use and performance. With its July 2018 release, the Open Telekom Cloud offers all this.

21.06.2018 by editorial team

Faster computing: FPGA hardware acceleration for the Open Telekom Cloud

The Open Telekom Cloud gets a turbo boost: With FPGA hardware acceleration, processes become considerably faster, according to requirements. Developers can apply for a closed beta test phase, which started in July, before the offer becomes available to all in February 2019.

17.06.2018 by Editorial team

OpenStack-based cloud as public, private and hybrid

With the new Open Telekom Cloud Hybrid Solution Telekom is filling a gap in the OpenStack market. That’s because more than half of companies are already using a hybrid cloud model. The new hybrid service is based on open architecture and will make it easier for companies to move into the cloud.

15.06.2018 by editorial team

Certified operations: SAP support for Open Telekom Cloud users

Users of SAP applications in the Open Telekom Cloud now have access to support directly from SAP when they need it. The software giant has certified Deutsche Telekom’s public cloud solution based on OpenStack.

06.06.2018 by Editorial team

New Ubuntu images: What’s changing

Two new standard versions of Ubuntu have been available since June 2018 for the Open Telekom Cloud: They have been specifically tailored for use with the public cloud offering. Ubuntu now pulls even with images for SUSE, RedHat and Fedora, which have always been optimized for the Open Telekom Cloud.

21.05.2018 by Redaktion

How to orchestrate cloud resources with OpenStack automatically

Setting up and administrating cloud resources doesn’t have to be a repetitive or manual task: OpenStack’s HEAT component provides an efficient tool to automatically orchestrate IT resources from the Open Telekom Cloud.

03.05.2018 by editorial team

Hashicorp Terraform now supports the Open Telekom Cloud

Creating, operating and managing complex multi-cloud structures – that’s what Terraform from Hashicorp does. The tool now also supports the Open Telekom Cloud. So companies have an additional way to tap the IT resources of the Open Telekom Cloud.

16.04.2018 by Editorial team

Easier multi-cloud management with IAM

A new password for each service: The trend to multi-cloud computing can cause the number of user accounts at a company surge higher. The solution? Professional Identity and Access Management (IAM).

21.03.2018 by Editorial team

More convenience, more functions: new release of the Open Telekom Cloud

With the new March release of the Open Telekom Cloud, Telekom’s IaaS offering gain new functions as well as extensions to existing features.

26.01.2018 by Editorial team

[Update] Open Telekom Cloud – progress at Spectre / Meltdown

The recently uncovered processor security issues have caught the IT sector completely by surprise. Deutsche Telekom is working to fix the problem for its public cloud solution as quickly as possible.

17.01.2018 by Editorial team

Storage guide: The ideal storage service for every user and every requirement

Our storage guide explains how to find the optimal storage service for your data in the Open Telekom Cloud. Fast, secure and cost-optimized.

14.11.2017 by Editorial team

November release for the Open Telekom Cloud: an overview of the main changes

The Open Telekom Cloud is expanding its range of offerings. The highlights include a host of new storage services for high-end needs, network storage, a new Bare Metal Server, and IPv6.

28.03.2017 by Editorial team

Open Telekom Cloud: focus on secure mail

Sending e-mail shots to your customers and clients? Ensure messages are getting through with Open Telekom Cloud’s cooperation with a secure mailgate service. Find out about the service and how it prevents blacklisting here.

13.03.2017 by Editorial team

Akamai and SAP from the Open Telekom Cloud

The Open Telekom Cloud has moved to the next phase. Exactly one year after its launch, Deutsche Telekom is expanding its public cloud by publishing the latest release.

28.02.2017 by Editorial team

Open Telekom Cloud – the Next Generation

We’re all about big data with the first SaaS offering on Open Telekom Cloud. Read more about this, our extended database choice and new Dedicated Hosts to create your own mini-Cloud in our latest blog article. It’s out of this world!

18.01.2017 by Editorial team

Open Telekom Cloud shines in benchmarking test

Price should not be the only factor when choosing a public cloud vendor. Open Telekom Cloud scores well in benchmarking tests against competitors thanks to outstanding compute power and high price/performance storage.

12.01.2017 by Editorial team

Object storage introduces you to the petabyte era

Filesharing, backup solutions, data archiving – find out here about the host of advantages that object storage has over conventional block storage processes.

05.01.2017 by Editorial team

Anti-DDoS: Included with Open Telekom Cloud!

Identify DDoS attacks, defend against them, filter out unwanted traffic, define individual countermeasures, and much more: Read on to find out how Open Telekom Cloud’s free-of-charge, anti-DDoS works!

16.12.2016 by Editorial team

OpenStack platform upgrade to Mitaka

OpenStack upgrade will bring more stability and performance for Open Telekom Cloud customers. Read more here - including information on how you should prepare.

28.11.2016 by Editorial team

Video: My Workplace - how it works

From registering to creating a service ticket to managing users, this video will tell you everything you need to know about using MyWorkplace.

16.11.2016 by Editorial team

Ubuntu certifies Open Telekom Cloud

Open Telekom Cloud can be easily used with Ubuntu and has been officially certified by Canonical, the Ubuntu provider. Read more about why Open Telekom Cloud is now a “Canonical certified public Cloud” here!

24.10.2016 by Editorial team

Open Telekom Cloud: increased services for bigger ideas

Open Telekom Cloud’s new release (1.1) makes interaction with cloud infrastructure resources easier and provides new Flavors for digital use-case scenarios including big data and virtual desktops. Find out more here.

14.10.2016 by Editorial team

Cloud Storage: how to control the mountain of data

Companies are facing the challenge of storing and analysing large amounts of data. Capacity needs to grow tenfold in order to cope with future demand. Find out how cloud storage provides a flexible, cost-effective solution.

28.09.2016 by Editorial team

OneLogin launched in the Open Telekom Cloud

OneLogin live in Deutsche Telekom's highly secure public cloud: Identity and access management (IAM) for cloud services and applications from a German data center.

26.09.2016 by Editorial team

MySQL from the Open Telekom Cloud – starting at 3 cents per hour

Deutsche Telekom has expanded the portfolio of the Open Telekom Cloud with a relational MySQL database service. Companies can query the database directly using a standard interface.

21.07.2016 by Kurt Garloff

Open Telekom Cloud: Maintenance Notification

The support of (user) meta-data injection will be significantly enhanced on July 25. This allows to have more flexibility to customize and configure generic cloud images on their first boot in Open Telekom Cloud.

19.07.2016 by Editorial Team

Telekom strengthens the OpenStack community with the Open Telekom Cloud

Telekom strengthens the OpenStack community with the Open Telekom Cloud. For the first time, the company presented itself as Corporate Sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation at the German OpenStack days in Cologne (21st and 22ndJune). Besides keynote and workshops, concerning the topic OpenStack, Telekom´s business customer division also showed news on Open Telekom Cloud.

18.07.2016 by Editorial team

Highlighting new Open Telekom Cloud services

More services and lower prices – find out how Open Telekom Cloud is keeping its promise of simple, secure, affordable public IaaS.

15.07.2016 by Editorial team

Container and the goal of cloud independence

It's clear to everyone: The cloud is here to stay. The Open Telekom Cloud does away with vendor lock-ins and old dependencies. Find out more about the Cloud Container Engine.

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IT security: Public cloud versus on-premises

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KVM instead of Xen: Start of the first phase towards standardization of the hypervisor in the Open Telekom Cloud

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