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GAIA-X: Strengthening Europe's digital sovereignty via the cloud

Fewer dependencies, more innovations: GAIA-X, the initiative for a European cloud, is taking shape. More than 300 companies are already committed to an independent, European data infrastructure.

Digital connection for Germany’s public administration

Citizens and companies should be able to communicate with the public administration more quickly and efficiently. The Online Access Act is intended to ensure this with digitalized processes. How this works and why the public cloud is a building block for a flexible IT infrastructure for the federal, state, and local governments.

Using cloud computing to fight corona

Germany’s Corona-Warn-App is the most used tracing app in the world. The technical infrastructure is provided from data centers in the middle of Germany. This was one of the basic requirements that the German government stipulated to the development partners SAP and Telekom.

Open Telekom Cloud: definitely no access from overseas

The Privacy Shield is void – that was recently confirmed by the ECJ. This makes it all the more important to protect data in the cloud from governmental access. But very few cloud services can guarantee this beyond any doubt. The Open Telekom Cloud protects data from being accessed by a state.

Open Telekom Cloud – the secure cloud made in Europe

The Open Telekom Cloud is a product of T-Systems. Designed under the strict and proven security and data protection standards of Deutsche Telekom. Operated in Europe's most modern high-security data center. T-Systems is exclusively responsible for the operation, service, further development and customer support of the Open Telekom Cloud. 

Telekom reaffirms OpenStack strategy for Open Telekom Cloud

Open interfaces, deployment methods, container solutions: Discussions about deployment scenarios and migration strategies dominated the Deutsche OpenStack Tage conference in Berlin. One of the key takeaways: Employees and reliability play an important role for the success of an OpenStack project.

OpenStack increasingly established in Europe

Openness wins out: OpenStack is becoming increasingly established in European companies. "The OpenStack trend is picking up speed," writes IDG in a recent study. The use of the private cloud is declining overall – not to the benefit of the public cloud, however, but rather a different cloud operating model.

OpenStack Powered Platform: Open Telekom Cloud officially certified

The Open Telekom Cloud works optimally with other OpenStack-based clouds: That this is indeed the case for Telekom’s public cloud offering, which has now been certified by the OpenStack Foundation. In order to receive certification, the cloud platform had to pass hundreds of tests.

Interview: "Multi-cloud computing is reality"

T-Systems experts describe in the following interview what the mood in the cloud community was like 2017 – and what they expect in 2018.

OpenStack certification for the cloud

Obtaining the OpenStack Powered Compute (DefCore) certificate means that the Open Telekom Cloud conforms to all of the standards laid out by the OpenStack Foundation.

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