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27.05.2021 by Editorial team

AI as a turbocharger for business processes [VIDEO]

Whether in accounting, human resources, or customer service: Max Guhl from the A.I. team explains in the new video how artificial intelligence also actively supports companies with internal topics.

23.04.2021 by Editorial team

Artificial intelligence: The hidden helper [VIDEO]

What do optimal routes, MRI scans, and energy supply have in common? In all of them, artificial intelligence now plays a key role in the background. In the video, Ralf Hülsmann from T-Systems explains how AI influences many areas of our lives – without us noticing.

15.03.2021 by Editorial team

What can artificial intelligence do for retail? [VIDEO]

One in three retail companies in the DACH (German-speaking) region is already using artificial intelligence. For what exactly? In the video, Ralf Hülsmann from the A.I.-Team at T-Systems explains why AI can be an important link in the logistics chain, how it helps prevent theft, and what customers get out of it.

27.01.2021 by Editorial team

Cleared up: the most common AI misconceptions [VIDEO]

Artificial intelligence is expensive, difficult to implement, and doesn't help anyway? All wrong. In this video, Torsten Deutsch from the A.I.-Team at T-Systems explains which misconceptions are long outdated, why getting started is often easier than expected – and when it really pays off.

24.11.2020 by Editorial team

HPC cluster: Cloud or on premise – which option is more suitable for you?

HPC clusters (High Performance Computing Clusters) are the perfect platform for companies seeking insights from computer simulations. HPC clusters achieve processing speeds that were once only possible for supercomputers. At the same time, they are far more cost-effective and easier to scale.

18.11.2020 by Editorial team

High-performance computing: Power from the fastest computer in Germany

Analyze, model, simulate: How high-performance computing from the public cloud can be used to process complex mathematical models and huge volumes of data in seconds, regardless of the industry – and all this with the flexible pay-as-you-use cost model.

12.11.2020 by Editorial team

Artificial intelligence: How GPUs increase the speed [Video]

For artificial intelligence, the calculation of images and surfaces plays an important role. AI expert Max Guhl from the T-Systems A.I.-Team explains which AI applications GPUs are best suited for.

25.10.2020 by Editorial team

Artificial intelligence: Which processor for which application? [Video]

NPU, GPU, FPGA: There are many processor types available for artificial intelligence calculations. AI expert Max Guhl from T-Systems' A.I. Team explains which chip is used and when.

17.09.2019 by Alfred Geiger

High-performance computing: A look under the hood

High-performance computing (HPC) solves complex problems in an extremely short time. Companies have the choice between several methods that have different advantages and disadvantages. HPC expert Alfred Geiger provides guidance and shows which technology is best suited for different needs.

02.09.2019 by Editorial team

The power of two hearts: HPC and supercomputing as required

Ain’t no mountain high enough – or: Hardly any workload large enough for Telekom's scalable computing resources. How does that work? By combining high-performance computing from the Open Telekom Cloud with supercomputing capacities from the High-Performance Computing Center in Stuttgart.

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