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Telekom reaffirms OpenStack strategy for Open Telekom Cloud

Open interfaces, deployment methods, container solutions: Discussions about deployment scenarios and migration strategies dominated the Deutsche OpenStack Tage conference in Berlin. One of the key takeaways: Employees and reliability play an important role for the success of an OpenStack project.

High-performance computing: A look under the hood

High-performance computing (HPC) solves complex problems in an extremely short time. Companies have the choice between several methods that have different advantages and disadvantages. HPC expert Alfred Geiger provides guidance and shows which technology is best suited for different needs.

Work more efficiently with a managed hybrid cloud

If you want to use hybrid cloud infrastructures, you need the appropriate expertise to set up and operate them – but not necessarily in-house. With the Open Telekom Cloud Hybrid Solution, Telekom offers a fully managed hybrid cloud solution that frees companies from cumbersome standard tasks.

Perfect tandem: Edge computing and the public cloud

From predictive maintenance and autonomous industrial trucks to automated real-time quality control, edge computing offers countless possibilities. In combination with the public cloud, the performance and range of applications increase significantly. And all at a low cost.

Hybrid cloud: 8 concrete examples of its application

The trend towards the hybrid cloud continues: According to IDG Research, around half of all companies will have a hybrid cloud architecture within two years. These eight examples show how companies will benefit from the hybrid cloud.

OpenStack increasingly established in Europe

Openness wins out: OpenStack is becoming increasingly established in European companies. "The OpenStack trend is picking up speed," writes IDG in a recent study. The use of the private cloud is declining overall – not to the benefit of the public cloud, however, but rather a different cloud operating model.

5 hybrid cloud tips: What businesses should watch out for

More and more companies are using hybrid clouds. Set up, operation and maintenance are highly complex. Whoever wants to exploit the full potential of cloud solutions should consider a few things. These 5 tips will help avoid stumbling blocks in supplier selection, implementation and management.

"Multi-cloud will help containers achieve a breakthrough"

Containers simplify the development and operation of modern IT applications, especially in multi-cloud structures. Not all companies are using the technology yet. That will soon change, says cloud expert Nils Magnus.

GDPR: Storing data securely in the public cloud

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes legally binding from May 25, 2018. In order to comply with the tougher regulations, companies needs to follow some rules when storing data in the cloud.

Interview: "Multi-cloud computing is reality"

T-Systems experts describe in the following interview what the mood in the cloud community was like 2017 – and what they expect in 2018.

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