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12.11.2020 by Editorial team

Artificial intelligence: How GPUs increase the speed [Video]

For artificial intelligence, the calculation of images and surfaces plays an important role. AI expert Max Guhl from the T-Systems A.I.-Team explains which AI applications GPUs are best suited for.

05.11.2020 by Editorial team

Smart beehive: Species protection with the cloud and IoT

If things are going badly for the bees, then that also harms humans and the environment. The startup BeeAndme uses IoT to monitor beehives and provide a safe home for bees.

27.10.2020 by Editorial team

Container or virtual machine – which is better suited for your project?

If you're looking for the best solution for running your own services in the cloud, you need to understand both forms of this virtualisation technology. So what are the differences between VMs and containers? 

25.10.2020 by Editorial team

Artificial intelligence: Which processor for which application? [Video]

NPU, GPU, FPGA: There are many processor types available for artificial intelligence calculations. AI expert Max Guhl from T-Systems' A.I. Team explains which chip is used and when.

20.10.2020 by Editorial team

The hybrid cloud is a central component of companies’ digitalization

The cloud is now an integral part of the IT infrastructure of companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The next important step is to manage the hybrid cloud landscape correctly in order to actually enjoy the benefits of the cloud.      

02.10.2020 by Editorial team

Buzzword jungle: AI expert explains the most important terms [Video]

Machine learning, deep learning, neural networks: there are many keywords associated with the topic of artificial intelligence. Torsten Deutsch from the A.I.-Team at T-Systems explains exactly what they mean.

14.09.2020 by Editorial team

Green IT: Making digitalization sustainable with the cloud

It is generally agreed that the trend towards cloud computing is causing energy consumption to rise worldwide. But if cloud applications are operated via sustainable data centers, the energy efficiency of IT operations can be significantly improved.    

07.09.2020 by Editorial team

Configure applications to fit all clouds

Cloud migration made easy: With the Cloud Topology Designer, applications can be quickly deployed in the cloud – using the drag & drop method. Once designed, an application can also be used in multi-cloud operations.

26.08.2020 by Editiorial team

Fake AI or real? AI expert exposes false advertising [Video]

Fake or real? Many companies adorn their products and solutions with the term artificial intelligence. But are all these applications actually AI? And how do you expose false advertising? Ralf Hülsmann from the AI team at T-Systems explains.

25.06.2020 by Editorial team

Open Telekom Cloud switches completely from Xen to KVM

The Open Telekom Cloud will in future rely exclusively on the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor. All disk- intensive and high-performance flavors based on Xen will be phased out by the end of August 2020. Why companies should switch to KVM flavors in good time.

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