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Obligation to maintain social service data secrecy

Social service providers can now also host data covered by the social service data secrecy in the Open Telekom Cloud as standard. To this end, Deutsche Telekom has made a company-wide commitment to maintain the social service data secrecy in accordance with Section 35 of the German Social Code I (§ 35 SGB I).

Self check: Ready for the hybrid cloud?

Migration to the hybrid cloud: What is the starting position in your company? Do you employ the right experts or does your company lack the necessary know-how? Take the check.

Physical IT security: Onion approach for the data center

Security fences with anti-climbing protection, drone detection, and a quarantine station for hardware: Johannes Krafczyk, Datacenter Innovation Specialist at T-Systems, provides insights into the physical IT security at T-Systems' high-performance data center in Biere near Magdeburg.

GAIA-X: Strengthening Europe's digital sovereignty via the cloud

Fewer dependencies, more innovations: GAIA-X, the initiative for a European cloud, is taking shape. More than 300 companies are already committed to an independent, European data infrastructure.

Step by step: Preparing AI implementation properly [VIDEO]

Reduce fears and communicate benefits: In the new video Max Guhl from the A.I. team explains what you need to consider when planning to successfully implement artificial intelligence in your company.

Digital connection for Germany’s public administration

Citizens and companies should be able to communicate with the public administration more quickly and efficiently. The Online Access Act is intended to ensure this with digitalized processes. How this works and why the public cloud is a building block for a flexible IT infrastructure for the federal, state, and local governments.

Geo-redundant, sustainable, secure: new data center in Amsterdam

New location in productive operation: The Open Telekom Cloud's twin-core data center in Amsterdam offers geo-redundancy, as well as GDPR- and regulatory-compliant data processing. The highly-secure data center is powered 100 percent by renewable energy.

Open Telekom Cloud opens up to professional secrecy holders

The Open Telekom Cloud can be used by professional secrecy holders within the meaning of § 203 of the German Criminal Code (StGB) for the storage and processing of information requiring special protection. For this purpose, Deutsche Telekom provides an agreement on the protection of secrets in accordance with § 203 StGB.

AI as a turbocharger for business processes [VIDEO]

Whether in accounting, human resources, or customer service: Max Guhl from the A.I. team explains in the new video how artificial intelligence also actively supports companies with internal topics.

Artificial intelligence: The hidden helper [VIDEO]

What do optimal routes, MRI scans, and energy supply have in common? In all of them, artificial intelligence now plays a key role in the background. In the video, Ralf Hülsmann from T-Systems explains how AI influences many areas of our lives – without us noticing.

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Obligation to maintain social service data secrecy

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Self check: Ready for the hybrid cloud?

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Physical IT security: Onion approach for the data center

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