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15.09.2020 by Editorial team

Green IT: Making digitalization sustainable with the cloud

It is generally agreed that the trend towards cloud computing is causing energy consumption to rise worldwide. But if cloud applications are operated via sustainable data centers, the energy efficiency of IT operations can be significantly improved.    

08.09.2020 by Editorial team

Configure applications to fit all clouds

Cloud migration made easy: With the Cloud Topology Designer, applications can be quickly deployed in the cloud – using the drag & drop method. Once designed, an application can also be used in multi-cloud operations.

26.08.2020 by Editiorial team

Fake AI or real? AI expert exposes false advertising

Fake or real? Many companies adorn their products and solutions with the term artificial intelligence. But are all these applications actually AI? And how do you expose false advertising? Ralf Hülsmann from the AI team at T-Systems explains.

26.06.2020 by Editorial team

Open Telekom Cloud switches completely from Xen to KVM

The Open Telekom Cloud will in future rely exclusively on the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor. All disk- intensive and high-performance flavors based on Xen will be phased out by the end of August 2020. Why companies should switch to KVM flavors in good time.

31.10.2019 by Editorial team

White paper: Hybrid cloud – Trends, tips and technologies for companies

A guide to the hybrid cloud: The new white paper reveals what companies should be aware of when building and operating hybrid cloud infrastructures, shows application examples and helps with the correct dimensioning of resources.

30.10.2019 by Editorial team

Telekom reaffirms OpenStack strategy for Open Telekom Cloud

Open interfaces, deployment methods, container solutions: Discussions about deployment scenarios and migration strategies dominated the Deutsche OpenStack Tage conference in Berlin. One of the key takeaways: Employees and reliability play an important role for the success of an OpenStack project.

17.09.2019 by Alfred Geiger

High-performance computing: A look under the hood

High-performance computing (HPC) solves complex problems in an extremely short time. Companies have the choice between several methods that have different advantages and disadvantages. HPC expert Alfred Geiger provides guidance and shows which technology is best suited for different needs.

18.03.2019 by Editorial team

Work more efficiently with a managed hybrid cloud

If you want to use hybrid cloud infrastructures, you need the appropriate expertise to set up and operate them – but not necessarily in-house. With the Open Telekom Cloud Hybrid Solution, Telekom offers a fully managed hybrid cloud solution that frees companies from cumbersome standard tasks.

12.03.2019 by Editorial team

Perfect tandem: Edge computing and the public cloud

From predictive maintenance and autonomous industrial trucks to automated real-time quality control, edge computing offers countless possibilities. In combination with the public cloud, the performance and range of applications increase significantly. And all at a low cost.

18.02.2019 by Editorial team

Hybrid cloud: 8 concrete examples of its application

The trend towards the hybrid cloud continues: According to IDG Research, around half of all companies will have a hybrid cloud architecture within two years. These eight examples show how companies will benefit from the hybrid cloud.

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Green IT: Making digitalization sustainable with the cloud

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Configure applications to fit all clouds

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Fake AI or real? AI expert exposes false advertising

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