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Open Telekom Cloud: Excellence in variability

by Editorial team

From the Internet of Things to machine learning and artificial intelligence: German companies are currently confronted with numerous trends that are prompting many of them to rethink their business models. In order to hold their own against the competition and react to trends, more and more companies are relocating their IT landscapes to the cloud. Many are resorting to the recommendations of analysts to help them navigate the provider environment. One example is Crisp Research: The market research company recently took a close look at the cloud market in its so-called Crisp Vendor Universe study, with the aim of helping IT decision-makers in companies select a suitable cloud provider.

In the study Crisp Research offers a current market overview in five categories: Cloud Platforms, Cloud Security Management Services, Managed Container Services, Managed Public and Hybrid Cloud Providers. The market researchers examined a total of 110 offerings. The Open Telekom Cloud, Deutsche Telekom's public cloud offering, performed above average among the infrastructure and platform offerings (IaaS and PaaS) evaluated. In the "Product Value Creation" category, for example, the Open Telekom Cloud was at 64 percent, more than eight percentage points above the average. In the "Vendor Performance" category, with 55 percent the Open Telekom Cloud was almost five percentage points above the average provider rating.

"Particularly variable cloud infrastructure"

Overall, the Open Telekom Cloud as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering has been able to hold its own in the market particularly well, according to the study's evaluation. "Telekom has built a competitive cloud infrastructure with German data centers and a high level of commitment to data protection and compliance,” the authors write. "With numerous in-house and external infrastructures, Deutsche Telekom can draw on a particularly variable IT infrastructure offering that can be optimized with numerous add-ons such as managed services, partner applications and the company's own network.”

The market researchers are referring to, for example, Deutsche Telekom’s partner initiatives such as the Solution Partner Program. This allows the company to support IT system houses, system integrators and other IT solution providers who develop their own solutions for their customers based on the Open Telekom Cloud. One example of such a partner is Virtion, a full-service provider from Bielefeld that offers its customers a wide range of infrastructure services, application management services and support services. The medium-sized company has already successfully implemented its first projects based on the Open Telekom Cloud, including a site network for a cleaning contractor via the cloud and a cloud-based infrastructure for a start-up.

GDPR-compliant public cloud

Another of Telekom’s strengths, according to Crisp Research, is the high level of compliance and data privacy standards due to the focus on data center locations in Germany. The two Twincore data centers in Magdeburg and Biere are certified several times and are secured at the highest technical level, enabling Deutsche Telekom to guarantee a permanent availability of over 99.95 percent.

The positive evaluation in the Crisp Vendor Universe study is far from the only time that the Open Telekom Cloud has been compared positively to other cloud offerings. The TÜV Austria Deutschland honored the Open Telekom Cloud with two certificates for the cloud security management system when it launched in 2016, as well as the "Gold Award" for security. This is just the start: The Open Telekom Cloud currently has 12 certificates that attest to its public cloud offering’s particularly high level of security and data protection.

Open Telekom Cloud: "Positive price/performance ratio"

In a recent interview, Crisp Research COO Steve Janata highlighted the Open Telekom Cloud as a real alternative to US hyperscalers: "The strengths of the Open Telekom Cloud lie, on the one hand, in its price/performance ratio. And on the other hand, when it comes to workloads that deal with restrictive data protection. Certain verticals, for example from the public sector, are particularly well suited to it." The current study, with its direct comparison with other providers, now confirms these and other advantages of the cloud offering.

A summary of Telekom's strengths as a cloud provider, according to the Crisp Vendor Universe:

  • High data protection and compliance standards due to the focus on data center locations in Germany
  • Low price level of IaaS offering
  • High synergy potentials through broad cloud infrastructure, for example, the PaaS portfolio and service offering

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