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RDS offers new PostgreSQL 14 also in EU-NL

The new PostgreSQL version 14 is also now available in Relational Database Service in second region(EU-NL) and can be used with new instances.

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Data Replication Service supports Microsoft SQL Backup Migration Task

DRS supports backup migration, which allows to export data from a source database for backup and upload the backup files to OBS. Then, it can restore the backup files to the destination database to complete the migration.

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End-of-Sales of EVS disk types

The two disk types "Ultra-high IO - latency optimized" & "High IO - performance optimized" are end-of-sales for new customers with immediate effect.

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OBS supports up to 20 Tags now

Object Storage Service has been updated and allows you to attach up to 20 Tags per Bucket now.

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OBS with share functionality

OBS provides now a sharing functionality that allows you to grant access to a specific Object via a pre-defined link for a pre-defined period of time.

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OBS supports List Objects v.2

OBS has been updated to support List Objects v.2, providing more features, improved pagination, as well as better support of 3rd party tools.

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Update Public Images November 2022

New images with the latest security updates and improvements were released in November. Learn more in the current release note.

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