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RDS supports backup encryption for MySQL and PostgreSQL

The Relational Database Service now supports Backup Encryption. Find out more in the current release note.

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RDS offers new PostgreSQL 13 in EU-DE

The new PostgreSQL version 13 is now available and can be used with new instances. Read more in the current realease note.

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RDS offers PostgreSQL 13 in EU-NL and new minor release versions

RDS offers new PostgreSQL 13 in EU-NL region and new minor versions for MySQL and PostgreSQL in EU-NL and EU-DE regions.

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RDS - Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) für MS SQL Server 2017 EE

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) for MS SQL Server 2017 Enterprise Edition is now available.

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RDS support lower_case_table_names setting in MySQL

How table and database names are stored on disk and used in MySQL is affected by the lower_case_table_names system variable.

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RDS offers Recycle Bin as emergency solution

From now on, after deleting a database, a single backup will be automatically triggered and is based from the current state before the deletion process started and the backup is then stored in the Recycle Bin. All backups will then be deleted.

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