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e-bot7 – Conversational AI Platform

We simplify Conversational AI and support companies to efficiently manage their digital customer communication experience.

With the e-bot7 platform on the Open Telekom Cloud, we bring practical applications of Deep Learning and AI to digital customer service and help companies achieve greater efficiency. The system analyses inbound messages, sends them to the right department, and provides customer service agents with accurate response suggestions. This reduces average handling time up to 80% and automates responses and processes.


Three good reasons for e-bot7 – the Conversational AI platform 

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Plug & Play technology

Our no code platform can be implemented fast and easy, typically in 2-4 weeks. No coding required. Integrate on all channels and tools in any language.

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Cost reduction and higher customer satisfaction

Reduce support costs through lower average handling times (AHT) and automation. Improve customer experience through quicker and more precise answers and processes.

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Data Security

As the leading Conversational AI provider in the DACH region, data security is the core of our solution.


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Agent+AI® solution

With hybrid Agent+AI®, we combine the best of humans and machines. While our AI automatically conducts conversations, routes users through your website, pre-qualifies and schedules meetings, you are in full control if and when your support team takes over. On top of that, the hybrid model allows to train the AI engine during operational use – every answer from a human agent automatically feeds the engine and improves future automation.

Screenshot of the Agent+AI solution.

CDE® Process Automation

Lead customers through pre-defined workflows, automate complex processes and combine them through easy-to-use APIs. Our powerful process automation engine provides the capabilities to integrate all types of workflows while being very easy to use and implement.

Screenshot of Process Automation.

Statistics & Reporting

Real-time performance insights. Analyse customer behaviour, create individual reports and improve your customer journeys. Stay in control of the quality of all workflows and the conversational experience you provide to your customers.

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Our pricing, tailored to your specific requirements.

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Connect to customers in real-time.

Engage in customized conversations.

Automate all conversations. 


up to 1.000

up to 10.000


Use Case Workflows




Answer Database

up to 100





Webseite, Facebook & Whatsapp











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