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ModelArts-BETA (MA)

ModelArts BETA

Comprehensive development platform for artificial intelligence

The importance of the cloud for development and the operation of services using artificial intelligence (AI) is growing continuously. Therefore, many cloud operators are making the switch to providing entire customized development environments as AI PaaS. These AI suites comprise everything an AI developer needs to generate their own models. With ModelArts, the Open Telekom Cloud offers a modern, easy-to-use and end-to-end development platform for AI that allows models to be trained and provided.

The Open Telekom Cloud offers companies that want to use AI an advantage: all data remains in Europe. AI models can thus be developed and trained in a protected environment – even if sensitive data from internal systems is required for the training. The Open Telekom Cloud either does not use the training data to improve internal algorithms. Thus it is a first-class development platform for companies that rely on AI and value the fact that the data used remains their property. And it offers full flexibility: After development, the final model can easily be operated on any other cloud.

Artificial intelligence with the Open Telekom Cloud

ModelArts in the Open Telekom Cloud provides data preparation, semi-automatic data annotation, distributed training, automated model creation and model provision in the cloud.

ModelArts is not just aimed at experts in AI development, but also allows users without programming knowledge to train AI models with a single click thanks to its auto-learning function. To this end, various preconfigured services are available for recognizing objects and images and for predictive analytics. ModelArts supports many common open-source AI frameworks. The computing power for training is available at the push of a button and is automatically switched off once the training has taken place.

In addition, ModelArts offers Jupyter Notebooks for developers in the cloud. These provide open-source software with which, for example, an AI application can be created. This Jupyter Notebook can also be used as required. During the public beta phase, the (limited) use of ModelArts is free, with costs only being incurred for the used storage.

Good reasons to use ModelArts in the Open Telekom Cloud

Everything from a single source

Everything from a single source

From data preparation to training, to provision of the application – with us, you get everything from a single source.

Simple and versatile application

Simple and versatile application

ModelArts can be used even without any programming experience and supports common open-source frameworks.



Requirement-based, powerful computing resources for quick training (CPU, GPU, from Q3/2021 also NPU).

Who can use ModelArts?

ModelArts is the right development platform for every type of AI developer. Whatever the path to your own model looks like – one-click training automatically provides you with the suitable computing resources including containerization. It has never been simpler to develop an AI service.

Do you have no experience in developing AI services? No problem: In ready-to-use mode, ModelArts provides pre-trained models which you can easily apply to your data – all without any programming yourself.

If you just want to build a model quickly, you can access preconfigured algorithms from ModelArts, such as ResNet50, Faster-RCNN, VGG-16 or SegNet-VGG. Trained codes and preconfigured hyperparameters are available via MoXing APIs. You do not have to develop your code from scratch every time, but simply refine it with your own data.

If you are an experienced programmer, you can deploy Jupyter Notebook as a feature of ModelArts and work within your preferred framework and libraries. Caffe, MXNet, PyTorch, Spark MLlib, TensorFlow and XGBoost-Sklearn are directly available via ModelArts. Jupyter Notebook also provides access to Conda Python and PySpark alongside several of the aforementioned solutions. You can also access your own images (e.g., on GitHub). You can upload the (container) images for this into the Software Repository for Container (SWR) in the Open Telekom Cloud and integrate them into ModelArts.

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* During the beta phase, a limited contingent of computing resources is available to users free of charge. Minor costs are only incurred when storage space is used, such as with object storage or when working with Jupyter Notebook.

Features and functions of ModelArts

ModelArts accompanies the entire AI development process, from data preparation up to the deployment of the finished service, and provides comprehensive life cycle management.

ModelArts – the one-stop development platform for AI developers

ModelArts – One-stop development platform for AI developers
ModelArts – One-stop development platform for AI developers

Data preparation

Data preparation

ModelArts provides support in data collection, data annotation and version management.



ModelArts contains preconfigured, ready-to-use algorithms and myriad popular open-source frameworks, such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, MXNet, Caffe, Spark ML, Scikit, XGBoost, as well as the MoXing Software Development Kit (SDK).



ModelArts supports various training methods, such as machine learning, deep learning and auto learning (via ExeML).



The finished AI services can be used online (via APIs), as batch jobs, or on end devices.



A marketplace where developers can offer their models, apps, APIs and data sets is planned.

Life cycle management

Life cycle management

The individual process steps for AI development are integrated in an end-to-end life cycle management system which ensures that the development process is transparent and clear. This includes ExeML UI Wizard, Jupyter Notebook, management of training jobs and models, as well as the visualization of work flows.

AI development made easy

AI development made easy

BLOG | 04.01.2021
With ModelArts, the Open Telekom Cloud offers a comprehensive development platform for artificial intelligence (AI) to train AI models and deploy them as a finished application. The platform can be used by users without programming skills as well as specialists with coding experience.

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ModelArts-BETA – comprehensive development platform for artificial intelligence
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