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Cloud Server Backup Service (CSBS)

Backups of entire system landscapes in just a few clicks

The Cloud Server Backup Service (CSBS) of the Open Telekom Cloud allows you to perform safety copies of entire system landscapes in the Open Telekom Cloud from one easy-to-use console. CSBS backs up virtual machines from our Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) and block storage from our Elastic Volume Service (EVS). It does this by capturing all servers and volumes that work together for an application in a single backup at the exact same point in time. This way, CSBS ensures that all data is consistent across the board.

After an incident such as an operating error, an attack, or an accidental deletion, the entire system can thus quickly be restored to the status of any previous save point. The backup can be done manually or automatically. Its shortest interval is one hour. You can choose any retention period. CSBS also supports shared volumes, i.e. block storage accessed by several servers.

The Cloud Server Backup Service quickly restores ECS/EVS services.

Your benefits through CSBS

  • Low installation and administration effort
    CSBS can be launched from the Open Telekom Cloud console in just a few clicks.
  • Highest data consistency
    CSBS ensures that even in complex systems, all data is backed up at the same time and is thus consistent.
  • Physical separation from production systems
    You can have your backups created in regions and Availability Zones (AZs) within the Open Telekom Cloud that are physically separated from your production systems - further increasing the security of your data.

New Features

Status Dashboard expanded
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CSBS – improved backup policy setting
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