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Scientific research activities all over the world generate a treasure trove of experimental data unequalled in any other sector.

However, this data can only deliver new findings when it is analyzed properly. Clouds enable researchers to store and search existing and new data pools, establish correlations and deploy artificial intelligence. In addition, the cloud is an excellent vehicle for helping scientific start-ups get off the ground.

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Exclusively for science and research

OCRE Programme Discount

OCRE: IT resources "on demand" for research and teaching.

As a partner of the OCRE project (Open Clouds for Research Environments), Telekom provides cloud solutions, software tools and IT expertise to research and educational institutions - available within a few days and with attractive discounts of up to 30 %.

Female scientist examining scientific data on a computer screen.

TrialComplete Science Edition: Facilitate your research

The web-based TrialComplete work environment allows research teams to process image data without media fragmentation, while also making the collection, sharing, analysis, and rating of research data more efficient. Run on Open Telekom Cloud data centers, TrialComplete satisfies all GDPR requirements.

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As a non-scientific company, do you also conduct research? Then our special science offers are certainly interesting for you!

Three good reasons for the Open Telekom Cloud in science and research

A wealth of experience in the scientific arena

A wealth of experience in the
scientific area

Collaboration with Helix Nebula cloud and Mundi Web Services

Immense resources adapted to your needs

Immense resources adapted to your needs

The Open Telekom Cloud masters even complex calculations and large quantities of data

European provider

European provider

European research data remains in Europe


Typical applications

Load peak requirements

Load peak requirements

Simulation applications trigger load peak jobs that require large amounts of resources for a short period of time. However, the resources available at research institutes are limited and often exhausted, thereby delaying the publication of scientific results. In such cases, cloud bursting into the Open Telekom Cloud reduces the time it takes.

  • Obtain scientific results more quickly

  • Use IT easily and as you need it

  • Access immense capacities

Long-term storage of experimental data

Long-term storage of experimental data

Breathtaking quantities of data are generated in all disciplines relating to natural science and engineering. With a cloud-based object storage solution, research institutes can reduce costs for their own storage management and benefit from a future-proof solution, as the storage grows along with their needs.

  • Store your data cost-effectively

  • The storage grows in accordance with your needs

  • Benefit from a high degree of data security

Science start-ups

Science start-ups

Scientific institutes frequently spin off start-ups in order to offer their findings in the private sector. Entrepreneurs are often supported in this task by incubator initiatives. A functional IT infrastructure is essential to help start-ups get off the ground quickly. The Open Telekom Cloud offers everything they need for this.

  • Get started quickly: all IT resources at the touch of a button

  • Save initial investments for IT – only pay for what you use

  • Focus on the development of your business

From project to web service

From project to web service

Providers of scientific services often start with project business, which involves processing specific data or developing specific applications for their customers. Standardized variants of the applications enable them to offer their services online, for example with a subscription model. To do this, the software needs an appropriate operating platform.

Relevant products

Artificial Intelligence  Artificial Intelligence


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