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Urban Data Platform as a Service powered by FIWARE

Data platform for immediate use

Urban data and service platforms are literally the linchpin of any smart city infrastructure. They enable insights into urban data, its analysis and the improvement of existing and creation of new use cases - collaboratively across city boundaries. Open source is the common basis for this. Making open source usable requires know-how and time, and operating it causes permanent effort - which is also needed to create use cases. 

In response to these challenges, Deutsche Telekom offers a secure complete solution for immediate use: As a service from the cloud.


Three good reasons for the Urban Data Platform as a Service from the Open Telekom Cloud

Sofort nutzbar „as a Service“

Immediately usable "as a service"

Provided as a best practice solution, the platform enables an immediate start into the smart city world - scalable or at fixed costs, permanently or on a trial basis.

Open, modular & integrated ecosystem

Open and modular ecosystem

Modular in design, open-source based, and with portability of use cases, the solution offers maximum interoperability - and prevents vendor lock-in.

Durch die Gemeinschaft der Nutzer und Bürger gestaltet

Shaped by the community

The community of users steers the further development of the platform and the use cases - also involving citizens and third parties.

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Data platform

The spectrum of data in the urban context can be included in the platform. This can be, for example, ERP (enterprise resource planning) data, IoT (Internet of Things)-based data, data from smart city solutions, open data, and third-party commercial data.

FIWARE Collaboration Platform: Daten-Plattform

With the help of the platform, this data can be

  • Aggregated and catalogued
  • Harmonized and managed
  • Analyzed
  • Visualized and make available via API

Data sovereignty is always respected.

Services platform

The data read can be analyzed, used to improve existing use cases, or used to generate or support new use cases.

FIWARE Collaboration Platform: Dienste-Plattform

The services required for this can be created and made available by

  • The city & other cities
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Any third party

with full control of who accesses the data and how.

These services can include a visualization (dashboard) and provide results via API (application programming interface).

Application Catalog

FIWARE Collaboration Platform: App-Store

Created applications can be services for data analysis or use cases that meet the standards of the platform. These applications can be included in a city's application catalogue ("app store") and used by authorized users - and, if desired, ported for use in application catalogues of other cities.

The owner of the application can specify whether it is to be used free of charge or for a fee.

The Urban Data Platform solution offerings from the cloud

The two standard offering packages presented here (Test and Full-Service) include a typical, defined consumption of cloud resources to support defined use cases at a fixed price. 
The Individual package also allows specific scaling uses with individual pricing.




Access to the UDP aaS




Needs analysis and setup of individual use cases




Training and Service Desk




Integration into the system landscape

not available




at a fixed price

at a fixed price

at a fixed price or according to consumption

Contract period

6 months

at least 36 months

at least 1 month

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