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Elastic IP (EIP)

Cloud services for the Internet

When setting up a Virtual Private Cloud, the resources and services that run on it are initially private, i.e. they are only available to the original users (such as software developers) who operate them in the cloud. Should the services be made publicly available on the Internet, however, a public IP address needs to be assigned.

Elastic IP in the Open Telekom Cloud

If services and resources in the Open Telekom Cloud are to be made publicly available on the Internet, access needs to be established via the Elastic IP service. When setting up a virtual server, users can define in the network settings whether an elastic IP address is to be assigned. This IP address can either be assigned automatically via the Open Telekom Cloud or specified by the user and is active as soon as the server is available. An IP address must always be connected to an Elastic Cloud Server. IPv6 addresses can be used via a NAT gateway. Elastic IPs are billed on an hourly basis per IP.

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