Operated by T-Systems Hosted in Europe Based on OpenStack
Scalable and cost-effective infrastructure from Germany

With Open Telekom Cloud, Deutsche Telekom is offering a secure Infrastructure as a Service solution based on OpenStack.

  • Instant provisioning of servers and storage
  • Hosting in highly secure Deutsche Telekom data centres in Europe
  • Competitive pricing and maximum flexibility

Open Telekom Cloud Service Specifications


Open Telekom Cloud services overview

Combine these services for your individual IaaS-solution
Computing power

Computing power

Elastic Cloud Server

Elastic Cloud Server are virtual machines of Open Telekom Cloud. Splitted in four types of power from 1vCPU with 1 GB RAM until 32 vCPU and 128 GB RAM and a large selection of operating systems (Linux, Windows).

Auto Scaling

Auto-scaling optimises application capability by increasing or decreasing the provisioned infrastructure automatically. You define the parameters.

Cloud Image Service

You can use pre-built operating system images, you can even use your own images based on the supported operating systems.The storage of the images in Cloud Image Service is for free.

Relational Database Service

Database as a Service: We offer pre-assembled Relational Database Types, consisting of vCPU, RAM, Storage and Database type/version, starting with mySQL 5.6. We provide operational tools for deployment, maintenance, monitoring, backup and restore of databases.

Cloud Container Engine

The Cloud Container Engine Service provides the ability to produce or provide their own Docker containers container on the Open Telekom Cloud.When using the Cloud Container Engine the Open Telekom Cloud automatically reserves the required resources.


Object Storage Service

The Open Telekom Cloud offers a powerful Object Storage Service (OBS) for storing large amounts of data. With consistency checks, high redundancy and support for up to 5 Terabytes of files.

Elastic Volume Service

Elastic Volume Service offers configurable volumes of three power levels: SATA for typical I / O loads, SAS for higher I / O loads and SSD for quite high I / O loads.

Volume Backup Service

The Open TelekomCloud provides with the volume back-up service a hard drive based back-up service with a high availability, support for incremental backups and a particularly simple restoring previous states.
Management & Security

Management & Security

Image Management Service

Create and manage operating system images easily through the Open TelekomCloud management portal.

Cloud Eye

The Cloud Eye Service (CES) is a high-performance monitoring service, which also provides alarm functions.


DDoS attacks are recognized automatically and the infrastructure with professional tools and defence mechanisms are protected.

Identity and Access Management

The Identification and Authentication Service manages the user data and permissions centrally via the highly secure telecommunications system "MyWorkplace".


Elastic IP

You can set up a public IP address for your Virtual Private Cloud to connect to a public network via the Elastic IP service. The traffic will be increasingly favourable by way of scale price.

Elastic Load Balance

The Open TelekomCloud offers with the Elastic Load Balance Service (ELB) an automated distribution of traffic across multiple Elastic Cloud Server. The load is better distributed and the response times of the virtual machines remain in optimal range.

Virtual Private Cloud

You can configure a virtual private cloud, which allows you to control your virtual network environment. The network resources within a Virtual Private Cloud service of Open TelekomCloud are completely decoupled.

Benefits of Open Telekom Cloud

  • Maximum security and favorable prices
    Open Telekom Cloud is an Infrastructure as a Service solution that couples the highest level of security with competitive pricing.
  • Scalable cloud resources
    Tap into a platform that offers you scalable compute and storage resources without the contractual obligations. Alternatively reserve infrastructure and enjoy discounted per hour pricing.
  • OpenStack: No vendor lock-in
    As Open Telekom Cloud is built upon Open Stack you have the ability to port workloads in and out of the cloud with no vendor lock-in, delivering the flexibility your business needs. More on OpenStack.
  • Instant provisioning of servers and storage
    Order, configure and deploy your infrastructure in minutes with our simple and intuitive online console. Manage your resources online and integrate them with your existing environments via a comprehensive set of API’s.
  • Flexible CPU, RAM, Storage & Networking Options
    Optimize the hardware and network configuration for your application, define the auto-scaling rules to ensure performance and enjoy peace of mind with the remote monitoring & alerts.
  • Large or Small? We have your size
    Open Telekom Cloud gives organisations of all sizes the ability to right size their infrastructure needs and scale up or down as their requirements dictate – a tailored approach that delivers the right fit.


Create your individual IaaS solution

Open Telekom Cloud: Service Overview


Computing power: virtual machines

Elastic Cloud Servers

The elastic cloud servers, virtual machines from Open Telekom Cloud, are the centre piece of your Infrastructure as a Service solution. Select your elastic cloud server from four different performance categories (see Table). All Elastic Cloud Servers support numerous operating systems, including license-free Linux distributions (Open Linux), SUSE-Linux, Windows Server 2008 and 2012. Find out more.

You can also use your own images compatible with the supported operating systems.

*The High Performance Server are expectet in september.









Disk Options



More Information



General Purpose

1 - 32 vCPU

 4 - 128 GB


Compute I

1 - 32 vCPU

1 - 32 GB


Compute II

1 - 32 vCPU

2 - 64 GB


Memory Optimized

1 - 16 vCPU

8 - 128 GB


High Performance*

2 - 32 vCPU

4 - 64 GB



Block Storage: Elastic Volume Service

The Elastic Volume Service is a professional, scalable block storage system from Open Telekom Cloud. Select from three different performance versions:

  • SATA: For normal applications.
  • SAS: For high data throughput requirements.
  • SSD: For very high data throughput requirements.

Find out more.

Volume Backup Service

Open Telekom Cloud offers a hard disk based Volume Backup Service. This enables you to create backups of volume service disks and use these to restore to older versions of data. Benefit from the following capabilities:

  • Incremental backups
  • Volume recovery
  • High availability

Find out more.

Object Storage Service

The Object Storage Service (OBS) from Open Telekom Cloud is a very efficient, scalable object storage system at particularly favorable prices. The Object Storage Service supports the storage of very large files (up to 5 terabytes per file), is scalable with almost no restrictions and offers professional functions such as consistency checks, access restrictions and version control. It can be used with simple, open APIs so that you can easily integrate it into your development projects. With an availability of 99.9%, the storage system is additionally suitable for critical applications. 

Find out more.

Network and Connectivity

Connectivity: Elastic IP Service

The Elastic IP Service enables connectivity of your Open Telekom Cloud resources to other networks via the internet. No charge is made for incoming traffic. Outgoing network traffic is chargeable on a sliding scale with higher data rates benefitting from reduced per-gigabyte prices. Find out more.

Virtual Private Cloud

Use Open Telekom Cloud to configure a virtual private cloud service in order to control your virtual network environment. By using functions for network security and security groups, you increase your own network security. Benefit from software defined networking, access control and network isolation. Find out more.

Load Distribution: Elastic Load Balance

Load distribution by means of Elastic Load Balance enables you to optimize the availability, response times and error tolerance of your Open Telekom Cloud resources. And so that you are also able to benefit from this service for larger applications as well, Elastic Load Balance supports up to 100,000 simultaneous connections. Find out more.

Open Telekom Cloud is secure


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