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Dedicated Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Dedicated WAF launches as part of a closed beta. Within the closed beta, customers receive the same support as for all other services, but service level agreements (SLAs) do not apply here.

The activation runs through our support. To do this, a service request or ticket with the heading "Closed Beta Dedicated WAF" must be created and the tenant ID must also be communicated. The service for the corresponding tenant is then activated.

More detailed information can be found in the OTC Community Blog Post.

Advantages of Dedicated WAF  

  • Integration with Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)
  • In front of WAF as Internet-Facing ELB
  • Behind WAF for multiple web server
  • Exclusive dedicated ressources/instances for customers
  • Protects VPC internal IP addresses/web server
  • New features
Graphic advantages dedicated WAF

Differences to the existing (shared) WAF 

  • Dedicated virtual appliances with 2 Flavours (100Mbit/s and 500Mbit/s bandwidth)
  • Dedicated WAF architecture-wise inside the VPC network
  • Dedicated WAF requires internet-facing ELB
  • Billing: Per instance/hour + per 1 mio. requests
Graphic differences (shared) WAF
Graphic Shared WAF

New features in Dedicated WAF

Icon Geolocalized Access Control

Geolocalized Access Control (Policies)
Customizes access control of source IP addresses countries

Icon Anti-Crawler

Dynamically analyzes website service models and accurately identifies crawler behaviors based on data risk control and bot identification systems (JavaScript)

Icon Information Leakage Prevention

Information Leakage Prevention
Prevents leakage of sensitive information, such as ID numbers, contact numbers, and email addresses. In addition, this feature can block specified HTTP error codes


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