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Internet of Things

The things are coming. More and more sectors are discovering the added value of smart end devices: Whether for street lighting, production machinery, means of transport, household appliances or cameras, sensors and actuators are already an indispensable part of today’s world. The cloud offers the optimum platform for operating such growing systems, as it enables scaling without any problems and thus facilitates the success of new business models.

Three good reasons for the Open Telekom Cloud in the Internet of Things

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Establish an IoT business model quickly

Cloud resources provide you with an agile base

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Infrastructure as an all-in-one service

Focus on the development of your business

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Reliable operation thanks to the Zero Outage program

IoT platforms need to be available around the clock

Typical applications

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Home services

The Internet of Things unlocks a multitude of new business opportunities for established providers, enabling them to make the transition from product supplier to service provider. Home automation makes it possible to control electrical devices via an app – even when out and about. Even if it is unclear how the business idea will unfold, a platform for managing, authenticating and authorizing the devices and users will certainly be required for accessing the services and connected devices. However, the capacities and expertise needed for operating such a platform and providing 24/7 support are often not available. In this case it is recommended to run the IoT services from a cloud.

  • Introduce IoT services without infrastructure costs
  • Benefit from certified operation around the clock
  • Rely on European data protection
  • Reduce your business risk
  • Grow through the scalability of your service
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Predictive maintenance

Public escalators and elevators are subjected to substantial loads. Failures are commonplace and conventional maintenance cycles can only prevent breakdowns to a limited extent. Thanks to sensors, escalators and elevators can be monitored remotely. The collected data is evaluated and allows failures to be predicted, so that service technicians with the appropriate spare parts can be sent out to the machinery in question before failure occurs. This results in lower downtimes and ensures a more targeted deployment of maintenance personnel.

  • Use the cloud as a reliable operating platform
  • Save costs for data storage
  • The platform expands automatically as you add more devices
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Smart Logistics

Logistics service providers often only have a rough idea of where their transported goods are at any one time. This is where intelligent freight containers come in: They regularly send status updates to a central system via mobile connections, thereby allowing material requirements planners to see where freight is at any given time. This increased level of transparency enables deliveries to be managed more efficiently, with the cloud functioning as a backend for location services.

  • Get started quickly
  • Benefit from reliable operation
  • Get ready for growing business

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