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UbiOps the place to deploy your analytics code

4 out of 5 companies struggle to bring their data-driven models and analytics code into operation. UbiOps solves this – it is the place to easily, quickly and securely to transform your models and analytics code into live applications, significantly reducing IT overhead costs.

Product type: SaaS
Provider: Dutch Analytics B.V.


Turn models into live applications

UbiOps is an out-of-the-box SaaS solution that can be used by any data scientist or team. It allows analytics teams to focus on building new data-driven solutions, without the burden of IT overhead and data engineering skills. Native Python and R support means you can run advanced AI/ML models, statistical models, data processing scripts, simulation models, automation scripts, web scrapers and reporting/email scripts. UbiOps can process structured data in real-time, send batch requests or make requests that run days.


Key features of UbiOps

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Go to market 2x faster with your applications

Eliminate the need to build and maintain complex IT infrastructure for data science. Your data-driven products can deliver value significantly faster compared to conventional methods, giving you an edge over your competitors.

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Save up to 85% in costs

Companies and organizations using UbiOps save up to 85% on IT and data engineering costs to operationalise their data-driven products. UbiOps removes the burden to build and maintain a complex architecture, reducing the total cost of ownership significantly.

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Maximum security for all of your data
and intellectual property

UbiOps is built around highly secure API endpoints, behind which you can deploy and manage your analytics code. Your data and intellectual property are protected and stay with you. UbiOps is ISO 27001 certified and is used by professional and European government organizations with the highest standards on security and reliability.


Partnering with the Open Telekom Cloud allows our clients to develop and deploy data-driven applications within a maximum security environment. Eliminating high, upfront costs or complex architectures gives UbiOps’ users the ability to create operational applications with high value for end customers.

Yannick Maltha, CEO UbiOps


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