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Workpath: Up-to-date definition of performance and targets

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Collaboration 2.0: Achieving goals in the cloud

In this article you will read about,

  • how Workpath replaces rigid targets and pure monitoring with a flexible collaboration tool,
  • how Workpath meets its customers' stringent data privacy and security requirements
  • and how the scalability, flexibility and openness of the cloud offering enable the continuous development of the Workpath start-up.

Target and performance management is more of a burden than a boon to many employees: Targets, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and concrete goals are set at the beginning of the fiscal year only to be discarded by both employees and managers amid the turbulence of day-to-day operations. “It’s a completely obsolete process that no longer reflects how companies work today,” says Johannes Müller, one of the founders and CEO of the start-up Workpath. “Many firms noticed there was a problem a long time ago, but they didn’t have an alternative.”The solution from Workpath: A cloud platform making target and performance management more attractive to employees. “We didn’t want a purely monitoring tool for achieving goals, but rather a solution putting the focus on user experience and collaboration. A toolbox to make companies more digital and more agile,” says Müller.

The solution from Workpath: A cloud platform making target and performance management more attractive to employees. “We didn’t want a purely monitoring tool for achieving goals, but rather a solution putting the focus on user experience and collaboration. A toolbox to make companies more digital and more agile,” says Müller.

Die Lösung von Workpath: eine Cloud-Plattform, die Ziel- und Performance-Management für Mitarbeiter in Unternehmen attraktiver macht. „Wir wollten nicht nur ein reines Monitoring-Tool zum Erreichen von Zielen, sondern eine Lösung, die die User Experience und die Zusammenarbeit in den Fokus stellt. Eine Toolbox, die Unternehmen digitaler und agiler macht“, sagt Müller.

Crucial Criteria: Data security and data protection

They wanted their new solution to be as modern, agile and flexible as possible. So it was clear from the start that their new target and performance management system called “Workpath” would be based in the cloud. And since Workpath processes personal data, it had to adhere to the highest standards of data security and data protection. Which is why the start-up decided to use IT resources from the Open Telekom Cloud.

“The combination of data protection, security, OpenStack and Deutsche Telekom’s strong reputation was decisive for us,” says Müller. This means Workpath has used certified German data centers from its first day of operations. Despite being a new provider, Workpath has already gained the trust of thousands of users, including the employees of the travel portal Trivago. Users simply log into the system via a web browser and get going.

Johannes Müller, Co-Founder & CEO of Start-up Workpath

Especially German business clients want a cloud solution providing the highest security standards. And we realized fulfilling this criterion could accelerate our business considerably.

– Johannes Müller, Co-Founder & CEO of Start-up Workpath

The flexible scalability of the cloud solution could soon become even more important for the young entrepreneurs. Because in the future, Telekom will not only provide the cloud basis, but will also cooperate operationally with Workpath. "We are currently exploring the possibilities of a sales cooperation," says Dirk Holger Heidemann from Telekom. "Because we are convinced that Workpath is also interesting for many of our customers from medium-sized businesses."

Cover reference flyer Workpath

Digitally and efficiently achieving goals - with Workpath and the Open Telekom Cloud

Learn how Workpath aims to make everyday business more agile with the help of the Open Telekom Cloud.


At a glance: Workpath and the Open Telekom Cloud

  • Company: Workpath GmbH
  • Headquarters: Munich
  • Founded: 2016
  • Industry: Software (SaaS)

The company:
Traditional performance management tools are too cumbersome for modern companies. Workpath provides target and performance management from the cloud with an entirely new approach: Employees use it like a collaboration tool to facilitate cooperation, make goals more transparent, as well as boost efficiency and motivation. The solution is based on the Open Telekom Cloud. 

The challenge:
The Workpath founders sought a cloud-based solution for their target and performance management toolkit. Since their system processes personal data, potential customers expect the highest standards of data security and protection. This precluded US cloud providers for Workpath. 

The solution:
The Open Telekom Cloud uses already certified, highly secure data centers operating according to strict German data protection laws. Flexible and scalable, the IT resources based on OpenStack can be tailored at any time to business developments. 

The result:
Customers trust Workpath’s secure cloud infrastructure. The user base continues to grow and thanks to the flexibility of the Open Telekom Cloud Workpath can safely make plans for the future – for example, the start-up’s potential expansion into other European markets.

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