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"Proof of trust": CRM from the Open Telekom Cloud

It is currently the biggest fish in the software pond: Manufacturers are achieving the highest sales in the industry with Customer Relationship Management (CRM). According to analysts from Gartner, in 2017 alone CRM accounted for revenues worth 40 billion dollars, and the trend is upwards. Ultimately, this means good prospects for CRM providers. But the market is fiercely competitive, and anyone who wants to succeed needs unique selling points.

Picture of a smartphone held in someone’s a left hand. The screen shows the PiSA Sales CRM system.
PiSA Sales from Berlin offers Customer and Any Relationship Management

Secret of success: Customer-oriented further development

Telekom Solution Partner, PiSA sales, is well aware of this: The Berlin-based CRM specialists have been in the business for 30 years and are holding their own against major competitors such as Salesforce, Microsoft and SAP. Their secret to success: customer focus, innovation and sustainability. PiSA sales offers more than just CRM software that enables companies to respond to their customers in the best possible way. The CRM provider also closely orients itself to the needs of its customers. While others are standardizing more and more, the SME uses its customers' impulses for further development and individualization. "We offer a wide range of tried and tested solutions, which we are constantly developing further," says Dirk Kosellek of PiSA sales. "Almost half of our new developments are based on the ideas and wishes of our customers. In this way, we work efficiently and are customer-centered." 

Recently, more and more customers have been demanding a cloud alternative in order to be able to make the CRM solution more flexible and responsive. While PiSA sales had been offering its software modules from the cloud for some time, its previous cloud provider had offered an unfavorable price/performance ratio. In order to meet the growing demand for CRM from the cloud, PiSA sales therefore wanted to change its cloud provider. "Not an easy task to find something suitable, because CRM data is one of the most sensitive in companies," says Kosellek. "The new cloud provider we were looking for should therefore not only offer a good price/performance ratio, but first and foremost convey the same good feeling of security as an on-premises installation.”

A picture of PiSA Sales’ company headquarters in Berlin.
A long tradition: PiSA Sales, based in Berlin, has been active in the software industry since 1989.

Demand-oriented CRM usage, highest security level

Their search for a solid partner led the software experts from PiSA sales to choose Telekom. Today, the company provides its CRM solution from the Open Telekom Cloud as required: That means that PiSA sales now offers its CRM system on demand from Telekom's data centers in Saxony-Anhalt, which have already been certified several times for a particularly high level of data security and data protection. Open Telekom Cloud, for example, meets the requirements of the Trusted Cloud Data Protection Profile (TCDP) in Version 1.0. This attests that Telekom's public cloud solution is currently one of the few offerings on the market to have a legally compliant data protection certification for defined cloud services.

"The magenta T stands for seriousness"

Since switching cloud provider, there has been an increase in the number of customers using the PiSA sales CRM system from the cloud. And the number of users is growing steadily: "A sign of confidence, because companies only store and process their customer data in the cloud if they are completely convinced by the security of the underlying technology," says Kosellek. "With the Open Telekom Cloud, we have just the right solution for this. Because the magenta T quite simply stands for seriousness."


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