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Mobile Storage Solution (MSS)

Moving to the cloud let you benefit from nearly endless and on demand scaling possibilities. But how do you migrate your existing data? With large amounts of data, your existing bandwidth might become a bottleneck, especially when considering that existing clients are consuming your bandwidth as well. Even if you could provide a dedicated 100 MBit/s connection for data upload, the transfer of 100 TB could take up to 92 days.

In situations like these, the Mobile Storage Solution (MSS) is the perfect fit for you. It transports huge amounts of data to the Open Telekom Cloud Object Storage Service (OBS) in a cost-efficient way. T-Systems organizes the transport of a Synology NAS system with up to 100 TB of storage to you, after which you can conveniently copy your data to the system via SMB protocol. Once the NAS system is sent back to the Open Telekom Cloud data center, you will get remote access to conveniently copy your data into the OBS. After a successful migration, the data still stored on the NAS System will be deleted in a professional manner.

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Reasons for MSS in the Open Telekom Cloud

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You will receive a preconfigured NAS system that simply needs to be connected to your network. Afterwards you can instantly start the transfer of your data and files via the SMB protocol.

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The transport of the NAS System to your location as well as the return route is organized by us. A professional coordinator is assigned to you and will guide you through the data transfer process, ensuring that the whole transfer & migration process runs smoothly & conveniently.

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The provided NAS-System affords the capability to encrypt all data stored on the device, meaning your data is also encrypted throughout the whole transfer process and transportation. The configured RAID functionality protects your data against data loss. Once transferred into the Open Telekom Cloud, T-Systems will professionally delete your data from the device.

Key features of MSS

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The Mobile Storage Service allows you to encrypt your data within the used Synology NAS-System. This ensures that your data is protected against unauthorized access throughout the whole data transfer & transportation process.

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The provided NAS device is configured in RAID 6. This protects your data against data loss and hardware failure. Up to 2 disks could fail at the same time without endangering the operation of the system and the data. Even hardware components like fan or network ports are available with failover, ensuring high availability.

Structure and function

Graphic shows structure and function of Mobile Storage Solution (MSS).

New Features

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