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Enterprise Dashboard (ED)

Cloud computing comes with the advantage that you only pay for what you use. But the more resources are used and the larger they become, the more complex it is to keep track of spending and its optimization. Insights into the cost structure within your cloud infrastructure are needed. How do you ensure you are notified when a misconfiguration results in a larger than planned consumption? Or if consumption even exceeds assigned budgets? How can you make sure to manage your consumption and budget accordingly?

Here is where the Open Telekom Cloud Enterprise Dashboard (ED) comes in. With the Enterprise Dashboard, you have access to all your daily cloud consumption data and can keep an eye on what you are spending.

Enterprise Dashboard (ED) in the Open Telekom Cloud

Reasons for ED in the Open Telekom Cloud

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Daily updated consumption

Access and view daily updated cloud infrastructure consumption, allowing you to plan and respond much quicker than before. The regular invoicing process may need up to 45 days after the resources have been consumed and, in some cases, can take even longer.

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Manage allocated budget

The Enterprise Dashboard allows you to properly manage your budget allocated to your cloud infrastructure costs. Notifications remind you of your budget limit and allow you to administrate and manage your budget and discuss further steps before your limit is reached. With the Enterprise Dashboard, there aren't any surprises surrounding budget consumption.

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Cost accounting

Allocate your cloud infrastructure costs to your internal cost centers. With the Enterprise Dashboard, you can accumulate the costs created by multiple Open Telekom Cloud tenants, as well as assign them to organizational units. This enables you to allocate the costs to their source for re-charging purposes or for in-depth analyses of cost creation.

Key Features of ED

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Custom dashboards

The Enterprise Dashboard allows custom creation of dashboards based on your individual demands. You can configure in-depth which data is shown from which source and how it is presented. This ensures you have all data as you need it.

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API access 

Make use of the available API to obtain data from the Enterprise Dashboard and use them in your own system to automate your cost monitoring and management processes within your native systems. Based on the data made available via the Enterprise Dashboard, you will be able to identify the departments or divisions responsible for the service costs, i.e., cloud consumption.

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Configure cloud consumption alerts in order to get notified when specific thresholds are reached, e.g., when you are about to reach a budget limit. This allow you to manage further budget allocations before the limit is reached. Alternatively, make use of the alert function to curtail and prevent misconfigurations that could lead to an increase of costs. Alerts will notify you before the next invoice cycle occurs.

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Cost management for multiple tenants & organisational units

The Enterprise Dashboard allows for the in-depth assignment of your cloud consumption costs to cost centers. You are able to accumulate the data of multiple Open Telekom Cloud tenants in order to gain a complete overview of your cloud consumption. In addition, it is possible to manage those costs on an organizational level. Create organizational units and assign tenants to these units in order to e.g., account the costs to those cost centers. This is especially helpful when you need to allocate and invoice costs to the origin of cost creation.

Function Overview

The Enterprise Dashboard is available in 3 versions. The small (S) version is especially suited to smaller projects where you only run one Open Telekom Cloud tenant and just want to benefit from a simple and pre-configured dashboard that directly allows you to simply keep track of your spending.

The medium (M) and large (L) versions are fitting for larger projects and come with broader customization possibilities. You can create your own dashboard views that serve your individual needs and in addition have full access to the API, meaning you can directly import i.e. integrate the data into your own systems. Both versions allow you to configure alerts that can notify you once specific thresholds are reached. Potential mis-configurations of your cloud environment resulting in larger consumption and costs are identified quickly and reliably before the next invoice cycle. In addition, you are able to obtain notifications when consumed resources near their budget limitations.

The major difference of the medium and large Enterprise Dashboard is the possibility to group tenants to an individual organization or even to mask or hide individual billing data sets. Medium allows you to accumulate multiple tenants and contracts, but in some cases you might need to manage multiple organisations and assign tenants to an organization in order to re-invoice costs to organizational units. The large version is the perfect fit for these cases, as it allows you to create individual organizational units and assign the costs, i.e. consumption, to those organizational units.


Small (S)

Medium (M)

Large (L)

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Custom dashboard




API access








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Support of multi Open Telekom Cloud tenants




Organisation management




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