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Hashicorp Terraform now supports the Open Telekom Cloud

by editorial team

The multi-cloud is reality – this is the message quickly spreading throughout the business community. But achieving this reality is a true challenge for companies trying to manage various workloads including virtual machines, containers and storage across several public and private clouds from different providers. HashiCorp tools help companies create, manage and operate heterogeneous cloud infrastructures. 

This includes Terraform: This tool helps companies organize, connect and operate cloud services from various providers and across different platforms. And now Terraform from HashiCorp also supports the Open Telekom Cloud. This gives companies yet another way to tap the IT resources of the Open Telekom Cloud. This will make it even easier for Terraform users to access services from the Open Telekom Cloud and integrate them in complex multi-cloud structures.

How does Terraform work exactly?

“The infrastructure is defined with the help of an overarching configuration syntax,” is how the Terraform provider Hashicorp explains the functionality of its tools on its website. This means that Terraform enables users to define which cloud components from various providers they want to access with the help of software codes. HashiCorp defines this process to provision cloud resources as “declarative,” or “descriptive.” 

The tool Terraform automatically derives the dependencies of the desired cloud services from the user’s description, so it can prepare the construction of the infrastructure accordingly. This enables users to create multi-cloud structures with Terraform – which now can also integrate the resources of the Open Telekom Cloud.

Further information about using HashiCorp products to manage Open Telekom Cloud resources can be found on the terraform website. The source code of the project is also visible at GitHub.

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