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Open Telekom Cloud’s recipe for success

by Editorial team

The tipping point happened about a year ago: Since 2015, there are more companies in Germany using cloud services than those who don’t according to the Cloud Monitor 2016 study carried out by Bitkom, the industry association. Companies are relying more and more on so-called public cloud services – data centres in which they share infrastructure with other companies. Last year alone the number of (business) users for this service increased by 10% in Germany. And in the current year, industry analysts Gartner are predicting a worldwide market share of around €204 billion for public cloud services – an increase of about 17% compared to 2015.

Open Telekom Cloud - Recipe for success

These figures are bound to rise substantially in the future. Public cloud services will grow up to 40% each year up to 2019 according to a joint study on the German internet industry by eco – Verband der Internetwirtschaft (Internet Industry Association) and management consultants Arthur D Little. And ever since Deutsche Telekom launched Open Telekom Cloud at CeBIT in March, the demand is strong. The reason? Deutsche Telekom is the first large provider from Germany that offers public cloud from its own highly secure data centres. It therefore combines the highest security standards with strict German data protection requirements. This is of the greatest importance, particularly to German companies: according to Bitkom, only 1% of companies regard the location of a data centre as unimportant.

“We have decisively expanded our previous portfolio to now deliver private cloud services to a cloud that is accessible via the public internet,” explained Tim Höttges, Deutsche Telekom board member, at CeBIT in Hannover. “We are considerably more cost-effective than our competitors.” Customers range from small and medium-size companies to large multi-nationals and even scientific institutions such as the world-famous CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research

The recipe for success: simple, secure, cost-effective

With Open Telekom Cloud, customers can reserve IT infrastructure flexibly – from processing, storage or network capacity to security features-- and the benefits are numerous. IT resources can be managed optimally – either via a self-service portal or a programmed interface (API). A virtualised security infrastructure separates the client environments from each other. A normal internet connection is all that is needed to use the cloud service. With the “pay-as-you-go model”, companies only pay for the capacity that they are currently using.

Open Telekom Cloud - hard data

Programming interfaces compatible with OpenStack offer the greatest freedom as companies can build their cloud structure exactly how they want it. Furthermore, OpenStack systems reduce the risk of the much-feared vendor lock-in. Companies can change provider as and when needed. Due to high demand, Deutsche Telekom is planning to expand their large data centre in Biere, near Magdeburg. There, capacity will be expanded up to 150% by 2018.

Further services

Open Telecom Cloud‘s portfolio has recently been extended with three new services: a relational database which is easy to setup and expand, a Cloud Container Engine which allows complete application landscape migration at the push of a button, and a high-performance option for intricate manipulation of large data sets.

The latter, called “High Performance Flavor”, is available for just 16.7 cents per hour with two virtual machines (vCPUs) up to a maximum of 32 vCPUs and 64GB RAM. This option is particularly suited for complex calculations and simulations – for example applications in particle physics: CERN Switzerland already use these new services. “We are delighted to be working with T-Systems,” says CERN’s Helge Meinhard. “We want to learn how we can better introduce commercial cloud services into our working practices and integrate further resources with our private cloud.”

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