Open Telekom Cloud for Business Customers

First steps with Open Telekom Cloud

So you’ve reserved the Open Telekom Cloud and want to get started? No problem! In this article, we’ll show you the first steps you need to take.

The console: everything in one place

Open Telekom Cloud Console

The console lists all available services. You can access the services by clicking on their name on the interface.

Create and configure a Virtual Private Cloud

  1. First things first: configure your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). This forms the basis for all further work on the Open Telekom Cloud. With your own VPC, you reserve an IP address range within the Cloud that belongs solely to you. This is a basic security measure to prevent unauthorised access to your resources and services from the get-go.

    Under Network, click on “Virtual Private Cloud”.

    Virtual Private Cloud configuration Configure your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) here.

  2. You have reached the Network Services console. Administer current resources under “My Resources” on your dashboard.

    To create a new VPC, click on the magenta “+Create VPC” button.

    Creating a new Virtual Private Network

  3. Name your VPC on the following screen and define parameters such as IP address range and gateway as well as DNS Server addresses.

    With “Create Now”, you place the order to create a Virtual Private Cloud. Afterwards, you’ll be automatically taken to the VPC overview you came from.

    Completing the configuration of your Virtual Private Cloud Complete the configuration of your Virtual Private Cloud.

  4. Your Virtual Private Cloud will be available immediately. It is shown in the left column under "Virtual Private Cloud". By choosing the grey VPC button, you will see an overview of your VPCs in the right window.

    Overview Virtual Private Clouds See an overview of your VPCs

  5. When you choose one of your VPCs, you can see if internet access has been configured as well as how many subnets exist and their allocated IP addresses.

    As long as a VPC has at least one subnet (created at the start as standard), it cannot be deleted – even by mistake.

    You can allocate more subnets to the VPC at any time by clicking the grey "Create Subnet" button.

    Virtual Private Cloud subnets Allocate more subnets

  6. It is important to protect your VPCs with security rules so your cloud can only be accessed by authorised users.

    A new magenta button "Create Security Group" will appear in the right column. Click this button to create a new security rule.

    Virtual Private Cloud security rules Configure security rules for your VPCs

  7. In the new pop-up window you can configure new Security Groups. First, give your Security Group a name. You can also add a short description. The new Security Group will appear immediately in the list below. If you have created several Security Groups, you may have to scroll down to find the new one.

    Click on the relevant rule and define what protocols and which IP addresses via what ports will have access to your resources. You have now secured your VPC.

Virtual Private Cloud Security Group Configure a new Security Group here.

Add additional services

Now you can allocate resources such as VMs and storage to your VPC. Via the home button, you’ll find the Open Telekom Cloud console which will give you an overview of all resources. In the “Compute” section, you can choose Elastic Cloud Service to roll out your first virtual machine and allocate it to a VPC.

Virtual Private Cloud Services Access services here

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