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NZR: More efficient energy management

Aluminum production, glass manufacturing, commodity chemicals – companies in energy-intensive industries such as these have a prerogative especially in times of rising power prices to intensify their conservation efforts. Intelligent energy management and the appropriate metering devices help them measure their consumption and find potential savings. But a certified system can also help firms tap generous government subsidies in Germany, including peak balancing for energy and electricity taxes, as well as reducing the country’s renewable energy levy.

Reference customer NZR Customised measurement technology: An NZR employee talking to manager Rolf C. Knemeyer (right).

Our energy management software from the cloud offers our customers optimal convenience. Thanks to the Open Telekom Cloud they can save energy and money without burdening their own IT departments. 
– Robert Holkenbrink, director of development and product management at NZR

Rolf C. Knemeyer and Robert Holkenbrink Managing partner Rolf C. Knemeyer (right) and Robert Holkenbrink, Head of Development and Product Management, trust in resources from the Open Telekom Cloud.

NZR offers complete systems for electronic meters, as well as communications equipment and energy management software. Comprising six business units, the NZR group covers the entire spectrum of energy metering from three locations. Founded in 1933, the family-run firm today employs 180 people. Electronics wholesalers look to the market leader NZR for its extensive portfolio of metering technology like electricity meters, coin-operated meters and energy optimization systems. And several energy providers also rely on the company from Lower Saxony for meters and services, including repairs, calibration, financing, logistics and installation. “For the past several years, electronic meters have increasingly replaced mechanical ones,” says Rolf C. Knemeyer, managing partner at NZR. “In order to tap this trend and help our customers master any challenges, we developed CountVision – our own software for intelligent energy management.”

Reference customer NZR Innovative in every detail: In addition to state-of-the-art electricity, gas and water meters, the NZR also offers calibration service and an energy management software.

Simply digital: Energy management software as a service

And now the company is taking another important step: CountVision will no longer be installed on site, but rather provided from the cloud. “This makes things extremely convenient for our customers. They become simply users instead of technicians, operators or IT administrators,” explains Robert Holkenbrink, director of development and product management at NZR. This takes pressure off local IT departments, enabling customers to concentrate on their core business. Working together with Deutsche Telekom, NZR adapted the specifications of the software for the Open Telekom Cloud and installed the program there. “The switch didn’t occur without a few problems,” admits Holkenbrink. “But it was successful in the end due to the comprehensive service and direct contact over the course of the entire project.”

NZR: Energy management software CountVision Consciously consuming energy and thus even receiving state subsidies – the NZR energy management software CountVision helps with that.

In spring of 2017, NZR began using the cloud-based software in a pilot project for an important customer. Only half a year later, hundreds of meters had been connected. “We’ve received lots of positive feedback,” says Holkenbrink. “Users are very sensitive when it comes to the privacy of their data. So we can benefit from Deutsche Telekom’s image and the fact the data centers are located in Germany.” It’s a win-win situation: The energy management software as a service allows companies to conserve energy and take advantage of tax breaks. And NZR sees an increase in customer satisfaction and the sales of its products.


At a glance: NZR and the Open Telekom Cloud

The company:
The NZR group consists of six business units. Some 180 employees cover the entire spectrum of energy metering Founded in 1933, the family-run firm has primarily two types of customer: Electronics wholesalers look to the market leader NZR for its extensive portfolio of metering technology like electricity meters, coin-operated meters and energy optimization systems. And several energy providers also rely on the firm based in the German state of Lower Saxony for power, water, heating and gas meters, as well as repair, calibration, financing, logistics and installation services.

The challenge:
Energy efficiency is gaining in importance and NZR has developed intelligent energy management software to tap this trend. The company noticed that customers are reluctant to spend the time and deploy the IT resources necessary to implement it. So NZR decided to seek a partner that would be able to make the application cloud-ready and also had the IT capacity to realize its operation.

The solution:
Thanks to its flexible scalability, the Open Telekom Cloud always provides exactly the IT resources needed while offering comprehensive security features. Moreover, NZR can depend on individualized support at all times.

The result:
NZR customers are convinced: Industrial concerns are improving energy efficiency while energy utilities are benefiting from remote meter reading –and it’s all possible without burdening their own IT departments. For NZR this means increased customer satisfaction, higher sales and new business opportunities.


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