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Decide for yourself: Object Storage or Block Storage

Object Storage is a cost-effective storage variant independent of virtual hard disks. Prices for Object Storage are based on discounted scales with specific sizes that are layered on top of each other. The higher the data volume, the lower the costs for the storage volume.

Block Storage ensures fast data access by means of a directly connected virtual hard disk. The average value of the blocked storage is calculated and used as the basis for billing. For the Block Storage variants, costs rise linearly with the data volume used.

Open Telekom Cloud pricing model Object Block Storage




Accounting basis

Data volume

Allocated storage / backup volume

Access option

Access through Internet

Not accessible from Internet / Direct connection to ECS VM

Price model

Gradually decreasing price

Set / GB - linear

Service request

Incurs costs



5 GB free amount

5 performance classes (SAS, SSD, SATA, SAS boosted, SSD boosting)

Pricing model for Object Storage

Pricing based on discounted scales

The costs for Object Storage are calculated based on the amount of data actually stored. First, the average amount of data stored per month is calculated. Storage volumes of up to 5 GB are free of charge, and volumes above this are billed according to scales. As a result, prices do not rise linearly in line with the data volume – they fall. If the amount of data stored exceeds a certain volume (e.g. 1 TB), a new scale with a lower price is reached. This price will apply to the data volume above the threshold, while the volume below the threshold is billed at its applicable price scale. Requests (data access) are also taken into account when billing.

Open Telekom Cloud Pricemodel performance class

Select the performance class that meets your needs

  • Standard: Top speed – ideal for very frequent data access
  • Warm: The ideal compromise – ideal for monthly access
  • Cold: The lowest storage price – ideal for access no more than once per year

Pricing model for Block Storage

Pricing based on ordered storage volume

The monthly costs for Block Storage (VBS, CSBS, EVS) are initially calculated in accordance with the performance of the type of storage used (SATA, SAS, SSD). The higher the performance, the higher the costs. The bill is based on a combination of this basic factor and the usage-dependent cost component, which is calculated from the blocked storage volume in GB on the one hand and the usage duration on the other. It is important to keep in mind that it is not the actually used data volume that is billed with Block Storage models, but rather the storage capacity provided. If the storage volume is only provided for half a month, you only pay half the monthly fee. Elastic Volume Storage is deemed to be provided as long as it is not deleted (deleting the corresponding ECS is not sufficient in this case).

The volume invoiced is the average storage space used in the respective month. The size of the blocked storage (EVS) is multiplied by the duration of use in hours and divided by the total number of hours in the month, resulting in the average storage volume used in a month. The average storage capacity blocked per month is multiplied by the base price per GB. This produces a linear increase in costs as the blocked storage volume rises. The Block Storage billing model applies to Elastic Volume Service, Volume Backup Service, Cloud Server Backup Service and Scalable File Service.

Open Telekom Cloud pricing model Block Storage

Our prices in detail

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Open Telekom Cloud billing examples

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Open Telekom Cloud price list for data transmission

Price list for data transmission

Here you can find the price scales for outgoing data transmissions. All incoming data transmissions are free of charge.

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