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Dive in instead of sinking down: With the D2 flavor, you can keep an overview of the depths of your data – now with a discount of up to 70%. The performant hard drives of Europe's most secure public cloud provide the ideal foundation for all big data use cases and are also 100% GDPR-compliant.


One-time offer, endless possibilities
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The one-time D2 flavor offer provides you with the perfect opportunity to boost your effective data usage at attractive rates. 

Starting at a computing power of 5,000 vCPUs, you already get 30% off, and from 30,000 vCPUs onwards you even pay up to 70% less than the standard price. For more information or specific questions surrounding your use case, we will be happy to advise you.

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Key Features of the D2 Flavor

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Distributed Data Processing with 
Hadoop MapReduce

Process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently: The D2 flavor is specifically designed for applications that require sequential read and write operations on huge data sets. To facilitate processing, a combination of Hadoop clusters and MapReduce is used. This provides you with the ability to easily integrate Hadoop MapReduce clusters into your big data application, allowing you to quickly gain insights and create a mass data processing system in no time.

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High IOPS Performance, 
Low Latency 

Strong, robust, fast: With the D2 flavor, you can enjoy advanced computing power. Enhanced sequential reading and writing of your data based on local hard drives ensures efficient data processing and at low latency. This grants you near real-time access to critical information about your business.


The Smart Solution for all Industries 

From predicting customer demand in the entertainment industry, to AI-supported tumor detection in imaging processes, to forecasting the financial outlook of the future – scenarios in which big data can be used are almost limitless. But as diverse as these possibilities are, they all have one thing in common: The processing of huge, unstructured quantities of data requiring a powerful IT infrastructure. The D2 flavor and the Open Telekom Cloud is the right choice for your industry-specific business cases.


Attend our D2-Webinar

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Learn more about all the different application scenarios and advantages of the D2 flavor in our webinar. Our experts will provide you with advice and support for all your questions.

The exact date will be announced shortly. Stay up to date so you don't miss any news.

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