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Automated Cloud Management by T-Systems

The Managed Cloud Operating System (MCOS) manages different operating systems on customers’ multiple infrastructures simultaneously.

How to protect yourself from a DDoS attack

In addition to large corporations, cybercriminals are increasingly setting their eyes on medium-sized companies. DoS and DDoS attacks are particularly damaging to companies. The reason for this is that DoS and DDoS are capable of disabling corporate websites in no time at all, making it all the more important to have effective DDoS protection.

Five catchy tunes which prove the cloud is made for start-ups

Have you got a great idea for a business start-up? Looking for a cost-effective solution to your IT needs? Don’t waste money investing in servers and storage; find out here why start-ups and the cloud are a match made in heaven!

Everything hybrid? IT expert Frank Leibiger blogs about the hot topic of multi-cloud

The rapid digitization is not stopping at Europe's largest software house - SAP is moving towards the cloud! The former FAZ journalist Frank Leibiger has highlighted this trend in his blog post. Read more!

Which are the most trusted cloud certifications?

When it comes to cloud certification, there are a number of national and international approaches. Read more about the certifications already obtained by Open Telekom Cloud and what is coming in the near future.

Use of cloud services in Europe

What opportunities do European companies see in the cloud? How do you use these? Read a summary of the study "Cloud Insights 2016" here!

What’s the right price model in the cloud? It all depends…

Pay-Per-Use, Reserved, Combined - some terms for different price models in the cloud are heard over and over again. But which idea is behind it and for whom is it worth which model? Learn more here!

Container and the goal of cloud independence

It's clear to everyone: The cloud is here to stay. The Open Telekom Cloud does away with vendor lock-ins and old dependencies. Find out more about the Cloud Container Engine.

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