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Benefits of the Open Telekom Cloud

21.01.2021 by Editorial team

Become a cloud expert in three steps. Register now!

Use the cloud more efficiently: The training and certification program takes you from user to expert in three steps. Register now and lay the foundations for becoming a cloud architect free of charge during the promotional period.

04.01.2021 by Editorial team

AI development made easy

With ModelArts, the Open Telekom Cloud offers a comprehensive development platform for artificial intelligence (AI) to train AI models and deploy them as a finished application. The platform can be used by users without programming skills as well as specialists with coding experience.

18.12.2020 by Editorial team

Open Telekom Cloud: Top ratings in the price/performance benchmark

Best in class once again: The Open Telekom Cloud confirms its top position in the 2020 price/performance benchmark by the analysts from Cloud Mercato. In comparison with US hyperscalers such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, Telekom’s CPU flavors offer the highest performance and the best price/performance ratio.

10.12.2020 by Redaktion

Quick entry: Implement AI projects with the cloud [Video]

Artificial intelligence is booming thanks to cloud computing. But not every cloud is equally suitable for every AI application. In the video Max Guhl from the T-Systems A.I. team explains what companies should consider when choosing a cloud. 

03.12.2020 by Redaktion

Open Telekom Cloud as a genuine alternative to hyperscalers

ISG research analysts rate the Open Telekom Cloud a genuine alternative to U.S. hyperscalers. Strengths such as high-security data centers, the scope of services provided and the hybrid solution convinced the experts who compiled the benchmark study.

19.11.2020 by Editorial team

High-performance computing: Power from the fastest computer in Germany

Analyze, model, simulate: How high-performance computing from the public cloud can be used to process complex mathematical models and huge volumes of data in seconds, regardless of the industry – and all this with the flexible pay-as-you-use cost model.

20.10.2020 by Editorial team

The hybrid cloud is a central component of companies’ digitalization

The cloud is now an integral part of the IT infrastructure of companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The next important step is to manage the hybrid cloud landscape correctly in order to actually enjoy the benefits of the cloud.      

15.09.2020 by Editorial team

Green IT: Making digitalization sustainable with the cloud

It is generally agreed that the trend towards cloud computing is causing energy consumption to rise worldwide. But if cloud applications are operated via sustainable data centers, the energy efficiency of IT operations can be significantly improved.    

08.09.2020 by Editorial team

Configure applications to fit all clouds

Cloud migration made easy: With the Cloud Topology Designer, applications can be quickly deployed in the cloud – using the drag & drop method. Once designed, an application can also be used in multi-cloud operations.

03.08.2020 by Editorial team

Using cloud computing to fight corona

Germany’s Corona-Warn-App is the most used tracing app in the world. The technical infrastructure is provided from data centers in the middle of Germany. This was one of the basic requirements that the German government stipulated to the development partners SAP and Telekom.

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Become a cloud expert in three steps. Register now!

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AI development made easy

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Open Telekom Cloud: Top ratings in the price/performance benchmark

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