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VPC flow log supports the ECS s2 flavor

VPC flow log also supports “general purpose” Elastic Cloud Servers (s2).

The VPC flow log function is used to record network traffic to and from the virtual network card in a log. The created logs are then forwarded to the Log Tank Service approximately every 10 minutes. Here, the logs can be filtered and analyzed.

You can find more information in the Virtual Private Cloud area of the Help Center.

Improved internet connection of Open Telekom Cloud

We have improved the internet connection for you. The Open Telekom Cloud is now connected with 100 GBit/s bandwidth in the backbone of Deutsche Telekom. Our data centers in Magdeburg and Biere now have a direct connection to the core network nodes of Deutsche Telekom in Hanover and Leipzig and can therefore be reached via the Internet with correspondingly low latency.

This improvement affects all Elastic IPs (EIPs) as well as VPN connections over the Internet. Connections via PLAS or Direct Connect are not affected and still have the dedicated bandwidth you have booked.

VPC flow log

The VPC flow log function enables network traffic to and from the virtual network card of an Elastic Cloud Server to be recorded in a log. The created logs are transferred approximately every 10 minutes to the Log Tank Service where they are stored centrally.  The logs can be filtered and also analyzed there.

Currently only the Elastic Cloud Server flavor c3 and m3 are supported. We will inform you as soon as further flavors (e.g. s2) are supported.

You can find more information in the Virtual Private Cloud area of the Help Center.

VPC - specific time zones via NTP server

Up to four NTP servers can be defined for every subnet within a Virtual Private Cloud. This enables servers to be assigned their own time zones independently of the general time of the Open Telekom Cloud.  

Virtual Private Network Service (VPN) supports other Diffie-Hellmann groups (DH)

The Virtual Private Network Service (VPN) now also supports other Diffie-Hellmann groups (DH) in the Internet Key Exchange Protocol (IKW) such as DH-20 (384-bit random ECP group) and DH-21 (521-bit random ECP group).

API Extension

Companies gain more transparency about the versions of the programmable interfaces (API) used in the Open Telekom Cloud. In the future, users will be able to enquire about the versions of the APIs of the following flavors, services and components: Bare Metal Server (BMS), Auto Scaling (AS), Image Management Service (IMS), Dedicated Host (DeH), Simple Message Notification (SMN), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), Network Address Translation Gateway (NAT), Domain Name Service (DNS), Cloud Eye Service (CES), Cloud Trace Service (CTS), Tag Management Service (TMS), and Storage Disaster Recovery Service (SDRS).

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Maximum flexibility

Because Open Telekom Cloud is based on OpenStack, you benefit from the highest degree of flexibility and future-proof solutions.

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